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Photo courtesy Sligo Leader Partnership. The scheme is a month one. He witnessed two men on a scheme some years ago.

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They were building a stone wall and had only added one stone in half-an-hour. It happens. Apart from the extra payments that come with working on the scheme, John said people were anxious to get work, they were attracted to the comradeship of work, to get out of the house, and to learn new skills. Here we look at work in Cork and Dublin. Now the intergenerational group has since Halloween played in three competitions.

Everytime there is a competition now, the older guys just want to know when the next one will be. Interaction is spreading between younger and older people across the community. The feedback of what is happening on the street is amazing. Older people are no longer uncomfortable or scared going for example to the chipper.

Because other teenagers have seen the. Older people are more at ease out and about. One older woman told me a group of local young people came up her and said. That type of interaction — as it becomes the norm — is priceless and now older people are changing their attitudes towards the young people. Our club for senior citizens has 20 regulars and half of them have very serious health complaints.

But finally the cycle of mistrust has been broken. Other popular games with us included welly-throwing and Nintendo Wii. For more, check out: www.

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T: M: E: nascadhcdp eircom. In the same vein, the community came together for a clean-up of ten streets that won support from Store Street Garda Station and Dublin City Council. This means working towards connecting and bringing together younger and older people in their communities and their daily lives. As a preparatory step, Mahon CDP has this year been playing a lead role in developing, organising and delivering a creative and interactive five-day residential training course to explore and develop new community-based intergenerational actions and activities.

This course was aimed at youth workers who work with younger people with fewer opportunities.

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It helped them generate new ideas and develop concrete action plans about how. Mahon CDP linked up with trainers from across Europe to jointly develop and deliver the training course. Mahon CDP has a strong track record in developing and supporting intergenerational projects. Its most recent initiative was a digital photography programme involving four younger and four older people. Dean has really good photo skills and experience with cameras and works in a local camera shop in Mahon Point. In exchange Pat has taught Dean some great local history.

Mahon CDP brought the men together as part of its local intergenerational work. By and large those who responded via questionnaires were highly critical of the Programme. For him and 49 others from community arts groups in Ballyphehane and Togher this was remarkable. In the intervening 18 months they had attended education sessions, master classes and workshops in the Crawford with artist Julie Kelleher, and now it was no big deal, they felt at home and for three weeks in May their work was put on display as part of the Bealtaine Festival.

We had nurtured a relationship with the seven local community arts groups in the area, all of whom had a mainly older membership, because we realised the benefits of community arts in terms of participation, community development and community health. We had created a network for all of these groups, to help them secure funding,. We could offer some funds, the gallery spaces and equipment and access to tutors and artists. E: teresa btcdp. E: anneboddaert crawfordartgallery. During Lifelong Learning Week in April, the local community arts and craft group become artists in residence for a morning in the Crawford.

By May 6th, artwork by individuals and groups were readied for a full exhibition in the Crawford Gallery as part of the Bealtaine.


After the event, a working group prepared a plan and submitted it to the local authorities in north Tipperary. The submission includes ten practical proposals to get citizens more involved in local government. North Tipperary Leader Partnership supported the event under Goal 4 of the Local and Community Development Programme which aims to get people from local communities involved in decision-making that effects their lives.

Click the link on: www. Pictured: Dr. Peadar Kirby, Dr. In the weeks leading up to the conference on income inequality, a political storm blew up over proposed cuts to low-wages, some of which have since come to pass. Some bosses refused to co-operate with the newspaper. Niall said companies and local.

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A rule has also been proposed. The New Economics Foundation also claimed that high pay rates reduce rather than improve the performance of top executives. Of those chosen, 46 had been funded before under the scheme, although this time around most of the allocations are lower than previously. However, the Department reduced the average grant size making it possible to bring 20 organisations into the Scheme for the first time.

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Meanwhile, organisations that were turned down had a chance to appeal the decision. The Scheme that ran from issued grants to 64 organisations, one more than today. Last year, the Scheme was reviewed and the criteria were amended. The funding covers core costs such as staff, administration and ongoing running expenses. The Wheel has published a list of the grants approved, comparing the organisations funded in with those funded from W: www. Mass round-ups have continued with the pound in action outside our office door in Moyross.

The result — sometimes mayhem and there are as many horses and ponies grazing on the green as there ever were. The centre opened in with a horse project works in practise. And children. The Equine allows anyone from six and up to join in the work. Ten groups use the Centre, including 3 disability groups. Young people in the area rioted, leading to saturation media coverage and, bizarrely, the introduction of the Control of Horses Act The area, known as Gallanstown, was renamed Cherry Orchard. Similar events took place in our community, Moyross, at the time and this area, Glenagross, went through a name-change.

Horses are still kept by residents in the area today, despite harassment, as is the case today here in Sarsfield Gardens. Interestingly, since the Equine Project was. They work every weekday after schooltime and every Saturday cleaning away the dung and leading horses carrying younger children around the yard.

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They are also put on a progression route. The Control Of Horses levels 3 and 4 courses in stabling, farrier skills and horse welfare and - marking the Centre apart from commercial pony clubs - tutoring in literacy, numeracy and computers. The project is the only working class member of the Irish Pony Club and the only one from an urban area too. How many community projects nationwide can claim to have young men attending classes in sexual health awareness?

Staff here have a lot of community development training. The Dyspraxia Association of Ireland is one of the groups using the Centre for the therapeutic effects it has on the children. One professional youth worker also came through here. The Centre offers a tracking system so it can support the young person for months or as long as they need after moving onto further education. Some of the best community development work is carried out under the radar, and needs to be.

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We all had big families and there were no buses, but we had horses. The pound only care about the commission they get for each horse. Equine Centre a su ccess? Children are suffering he says, from overly-PC workers who put the rights of young people above their welfare.

He condemned fellow youth workers for engaging in box-ticking and adhering to targets while ducking confrontation with children engaged in anti-social behaviour. They either love him or hate him. W: winstonsmith Jammie Dodgers Get Away The riots in Britain led to copycat behaviour in Ireland, but the good news is the riots here were entirely confined to my biscuit tin! The new scheme called Jobs Emigrants Take Abroad has already been credited with saving the country from sinking more than a couple of times. More good news!

Scientists have cracked how politicians and the media take a softly-softly approach to talking about bad news. Everyone to get 70 days holidays As we now know, FAS staff enjoy 70 days holidays a year in the two years before they retire. The great news is the scheme has been such a success that it will be extended nationwide, to apply to every worker in the public and private sector. The Minister for Finance has signed off on it with. It starts in and applies to everyone who can definitively prove that a relative of theirs took part in the Battle of Clontarf.

As excitement mounts in the build-up to the th anniversary of the Rising, there is a grassroots movement afoot to replace the tricolour with live sheep. Sheep-farmers have welcomed the move. The sheep will be hoisted aloft buildings using scaffolding techniques perfected over many years by the organisers of the Killorglin Puck Fair. Alternatively, it will be acceptable for people with steel flagpoles to fly live, burning bondholders in place of the sheep.

Odcs Struggling Too! Ordinary decent criminals are struggling to survive in The Downturn and may have to turn to white-collar crime to get by. We legged it once we heard there was a ghost on the estate. The minute DVD highlights the work of three groups. The DVD traces the story of this successful project from the beginning and shows what can be achieved through collective action.