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Hyatt also extended a Pride rate at all properties globally and held various events to celebrate Pride. Susan was honoured to march in the World Pride parade along with over Hyatt colleagues, friends, allies, families and partners. Susan is also a member of the Hyatt Global Inclusion and Diversity Council, working to remove barriers and encourage actions and behaviours required to improve the culture of inclusion at Hyatt.

She is also a member of Hyatt Latinos and Women Hyatt. She has mentored countless employees on the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and on what true inclusion looks and feels like. She currently serves on Planned Parenthood's national board of directors. This has given him the opportunity to pursue greater inclusion across the international business, with responsibility for colleagues across eight countries.

The company sponsored a range of Pride events across the UK, including in Brighton where the team sponsored the beach clean-up. Colleagues also attended trans pride marches. After becoming the first insurer to offer businesses the option to recognise gender dysphoria under their workplace health insurance policies, Bupa has updated its internal policies to offer this to its own staff. Elsewhere, he champions inclusivity across the insurance sector.

Marty was also integral in successfully urging and working with leadership at Goldman Sachs to expand benefits to gay partners before the Supreme Court legalised gay marriage. Beyond Goldman Sachs, Marty works to help the wider community as an advocate. He frequently speaks at events and conferences, including the Out for Undergrad Business Conference, which Goldman Sachs has hosted for the past 3 years.

Sitting on the Global Leadership Team, Suresh is an openly gay and ethnic minority senior executive, who champions diversity and equality, building on his previous efforts at Ogilvy Group and DJE Holdings.

Through his advice, the network has begun implementing unconscious bias training amongst other key initiatives. He also actively champions recruiting talent from minority backgrounds to spearhead the cultural change from an operational point of view. Gigi has worked to push local companies in Honk Kong to embrace greater diversity in the workplace, and to encourage other business leaders to speak out on behalf of minorities in the workforce.

The organisation is a dedicated group of legal professionals, lobbyists, advocates, elected politicians, government officials, teachers, doctors, bankers, entrepreneurs, and others who have joined forces to achieve marriage equality.

The organisation convenes loose groupings of interest groups, individuals, and pride chapters of companies to create a concerted voice, which pushes to educate the public and win hearts and minds. This year, two transgender employee representatives were added to the Council. This has supported the creation of a diverse, global team of talent from all walks of life. This year saw the global release of the critically acclaimed Elton John biopic, Rocketman, which David produced.


David is a role model, mentor, and coach to many people personally. He takes pride in his ability to provide a platform for the success of others, both personally and professionally. Lynn is often asked about sexual orientation and gender identity by her colleagues who are looking to support their children or to come out themselves. Externally, Lynn is a member of the Board of Directors and Treasurer for Egides, an international francophone alliance for equality and diversity, established by the government of Quebec.

In his everyday role, Louis is engaged in conversations with elected officials and industry leaders on the benefits of an inclusive workplace for all employees. He has leveraged these relationships within the business community to promote and testify in support of the bipartisan passage of the Equality Act in the U. House of Representatives. He has also contributed through various initiatives during his time with Dow Australia.

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Throughout her work in entrepreneurship, philanthropy, politics, and academia, Vivienne works to maximise human potential: from an individual child, to a company, to an entire society. This has led to numerous global speaking engagements on the economic benefits of inclusion. This year, Stephen has commissioned a review of the strategy to ensure local implementation across international companies across the network. Daniel is a senior partner at leading law firm, Travers Smith, heading up its award-winning pension funds practice.

The company took to the streets at World Pride NYC to march alongside their float, bringing along Rainbow Railroad refugees to their first ever Pride event. This was all alongside massive awareness-raising and fundraising efforts. The campaign encouraged employees and members to share their own stories of coming out at work, which Josh kicked off.

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He was interviewed on Sky News and other media outlets about his own experience and the research. Daisy has also initiated a national mentoring programme for the legal profession. Beyond the legal sector, Daisy is a founding ambassador of LBTQWomen, addressing issues of discrimination faced by lesbian, bi, and trans women. She has also convened legal industry peers and human rights organisations to discuss approaches to the situation in Brunei and other sharia nations. The network is involved in business development, graduate recruitment, mentoring and social responsibility.

He has been involved in co-organising fundraisers for the Albert Kennedy Trust, Diversity Role Models, and Ditch the Label, and he has appeared as a panellist on the Pride in the City seminar on the power of allies, among many others. All Cicero employees are encouraged to undertake charitable work and many offer pro bono support to Stonewall and the Albert Kennedy Trust. Externally, Iain is a member of the recently formed Stonewall Development Council, which supports the charity with its financial targets.

He also supports the charity with ongoing political counsel. With new self-identification options, Accenture are able to provide tailored benefits, training and programmes in nearly 20 countries. Sander sponsored bringing together all 50 global Pride Network Leads this year for a special LGBT Leaders Learning masterclass in New York to share best practice and develop a strategic three-year plan to further the Pride agenda. Kathy is the founder of Xpointo Media, a digital marketing company headquartered in Singapore. In partnering with Pink Dot SG, Xpointo Media is making a statement on the importance of diversity and inclusion in their business.

In , Kathy was designated as one of five business leaders driving the Red Dot for Pink Dot campaign, advocating for other companies in Singapore to support Pink Dot. Xpointo Media has also pledged to protect HIV positive individuals from stigma and discrimination in the workplace. In the s, Kathy was a community organiser in the regional and national Asian-Pacific lesbian movement on the East and West Coasts of the United States.

She is part of The Alliance, a working group of senior C-Suite leaders from around the world, brought together by McKinsey, to address diversity and inclusion issues affecting key sectors and geographies.

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Following this, Diana and GLAM grew the network, launched an allies programme and drove an increase in overall mentoring. This fosters an inclusive work culture, where all employees are encouraged to bring their whole self to work, and promote authenticity in the workplace, regardless of gender identity, gender expression, or sexuality. Pips identifies as gender fluid and non-binary, both identities within the Trans umbrella. She helps support staff on topics including coming out in the workplace or at home, supporting diverse team members, working with schools, the government equalities office, embracing authenticity and encouraging more engaged allies to progress LGBTQI equality at work and across society.

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She drives numerous initiatives and cross network collaboration to highlight the importance and benefits of intersectionality. PA , Pippa has always been passionate about diversity, in line with her own personal sense of fair play. In addition, Elliot has set a new strategy for Pride BCG to drive greater lesbian, bisexual, and trans inclusion.

Moriaki Mori came out at work in just before making Partner with the belief that being authentic is important for serving in a leadership position. He believes that business leaders and partners must keep working to create safer environments so that talent with invisible differences can reach their highest potential and help businesses innovate. Jens has increased the size of the ADP Pride volunteer organising team to deliver a structured programme including over 30 annual initiatives such as annual global awareness campaigns and increasing participation in more than 25 local chapters.

Over the past year, ADP Pride have further enhanced their benefit plans, including for transgender colleagues, and hit their 10th consecutive year of achieving a perfect score on the HRC Corporate Equality Index. The Commission is currently leading on trans rights and are in the process of producing guidance for schools on how to protect trans rights of young people.

As a former Chair of Stonewall, David is still a very active supporter of and ambassador for the charity. Whether through national client work or the team's community involvements, Social Driver has always put their core values of innovation, diversity, and inclusion at the centre and has worked to promote these values on a wider scale. He was appointed by the Mayor of Washington D. Antonia has written and spoken about her journey and business experience as a transwoman, sending a message to corporate, social, and healthcare environments that she is privileged and honoured to be transgender.

She has mentored many trans colleagues and has formed a charity fund focusing on trans activist needs globally. Geoff has championed the different networks working together and providing joint events to promote intersectionality. He supported and arranged for company representation at Student Pride, and supports Opening Doors London.

He worked with Disney Stores to have in-store Pride branding and Pride-themed products, which raised money for charities across Europe. He advocated for expanding the eligibility of insurance and other benefits globally and alongside Citi Pride initiated a new global badging policy to enable transgender colleagues to more easily change the name reflected on their Citi identification badge. Many Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Holidays destinations still have laws that criminalise same-sex activity between consenting adults and Mark is a long-term campaigner on this issue, making the business and tourism case for inclusivity in destinations such as the Caribbean.