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Beaumont Hospital

Passport Visa. Document Number. Country Issued For. Document Scan max file size 10MB. Add Document Back Next. HR Oliver is the only man with this surname that fits. Notes I have not researched in any detail the military or personal careers of these men. The awards of the Military Medal have not been verified, and the certainty that Oliver was wounded has not been proven, although his wounds may not have necessitated being hospitalised.

I leave this for others to work on. Tottenham in particular is interesting and worthy of greater research. He had a long and interesting career in both the Navy and Army, including a spell in the Samoan Government Adminstration, and was a film actor in the 's as Loftus Tottenham - Adventurous Youth After that war he lived in New Zealand, where he married the daughter of H. Nation of Hawkes Bay. In World War I he joined the N. Finally he took, with some success, to film acting. Military service 1: , Sub Lieutenant, Royal Navy.

Military service 3: Between - , New Zealand Military. Military service 4: , Provost Marshal, Samoa. Military service 5: , Assistant Provost Marshal, Rome.

Occupation 1: 31 March , Scholar. Occupation 2: , Film Actor. Residence 2: , New Zealand. Tottenham belongs to a wellknown family m England. He served in the navy for some time, and his cousin, Rear-Admiral Loftus Tottenham, at present has command in the Home fleet. Tottenham served in the Boer war, and for some years has been in the service of the Agricultural' Department m New Zealand. He was provost-marshal and naval intelligence officer on the Samoan expedition". On December 5, , "Captain Tottenham of the [New Zealand] occupation forces brought Apia's rollicking social life to a standstill by proclaiming a complete ban on the 'production, sale, and purchase of liquor except for medicinal purposes.

District Inspector 1st Class. Another one? Hello Peter, you might want to check out Temp. Cadet, Lieutenant J. Gould, "F" Coy. Aux No. He was admitted to King George V. Thanks Dez. Oliver remains to be confirmed as a possible fifth. O,Kelly had been a Lieutenant in 2nd Batt, Dublin Brigade at the time of the burning and was a participant in the action, I have not read the W.

Two projects were laid before the Conference.


The Officer Commanding the Dublin Brigade was ordered to investigate the relative merits of the two schemes and a member of the Intelligence Department was ordered to take up his residence in a house opposite Beggars Bush Barracks and make his report. This report, received in due course, expressed the view that to take this strongly fortified position by surprise was almost impossible, and after some deliberation, the Custom House operation was decided upon. The Officer Commanding Dublin Brigade was successful in carrying out a personal reconnaissance of the building; carrying some envelopes in his hand, he entered the building one day under the pretext of looking for someone in one of the numerous Departments, made his way through the huge building without arousing any suspicion, thus making the fixing of details possible.

A ground floor plan of the building was copied from one in the National Library Commdt. Ennis, Officer Commanding 2nd Bn. He was informed he could have his pick of the Brigade. The number required to carry out the job was estimated at one hundred and twenty. This number did not include a covering party for outside or a guard for the City Fire Stations, which were provided for by the Officer Commanding the Brigade. Outside, there was a section of the 1st Battalion. Officer Commanding D. Coy,2Bn, was detailed to get the cotton waste a week prior to the operation, which was fixed for 25th May, Both these officers were successful in getting the material - the paraffin and petrol was got by holding up horse - drawn tanks in the streets and making prisoners of the drivers, the tins were procured by carrying out a raid on the Shell Company's yard and the waste came from Broadstone Railway Station.

Normans in Spain // Roger Tosny \u0026 The Reconquista (1013-1040)

The process of filling the petrol tins was started immediately in one of the company dumps. The other equipment necessary was as follows. Orders were issued to report there at 12 noon on the 25th and accordingly, the boys drifted along in the usual groups of two,s and three,s.

Ciaran Bolger

Ennis was known to all, was present. He had already given instructions to the Officer Commanding D. Coy, 2 Bn, earlier that morning to commandeer a heavy motor lorry, proceed to the dump, load the stores and report to him at The lorry duly arrived at this moment. Coy, accompanied by his driver and one other, came on the scene. He also outlined the result it was expected to have upon the enemy.

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There were four Company Commanders present. D Coy, was appointed Second - in - Command. The route was outilned and the following orders were issued: The Guard to enter at The lorry was to be at this entrance at Every man was to be in possession of a hatchet. They would raid likely shops for these along the way. The main body was to enter at On arrival at the main entrance, each man was to take 2 - gallon tins off the lorry. They would then proceed to allotted corridors, instruct the members of staff to collect all personal belongings and proceed to the main hall, taking particular care that no person pocketed any official documents.

They were to close all windows, smash all presses, collect all papers in a heap on the floor and all inflammable material with petrol. In order to guard against possible confusion, it was strictly forbidden for any man to have a whistle in his possession. In the event of a hitch occuring that would prevent the job being finished the Battalion Commander would give a signal blast, which would be the blast for every man to get away.

This completed the orders and all proceeded in the direction of the Custom House by the planned routes. He also had men posted in all Fire Brigade Stations to prevent their being of assistance to the enemy. There were a large number of people about at the time - it being the midday rush hour.

Therefore the various groups of men passed unnoticed. The suddenness with which the building was entered thre them into a state of panic, though at first, some were inclined to take the whole thing as a joke. On seeing the number of guns in evidence, they realised that real business was intended. Others, who were stout supporters of the enemy administration, were very reluctant to do so as ordered and here a little gentle persuasion was necessary.

The lady members of the staff, in particular, became panicky and hysterical, and a considerable amount of time was lost on this account. The caretaker rushed to the telephone although previously warned against doing so and had to be shot. At this time, excitement was running high amongst the staff.

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Above the din could be heard the blast of a whistle. This came from one of the attackers who apparently had become excited too. The men on the top landing, on hearing the whistle and thinking it was the whistle to get away, rushed to the ground floor towards the main entrance.