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Does David think there's still a stigma attached to this? Men love being approached by a woman; they're flattered. It's a two-way street. Why should men have to do all the work? David believes that honing your flirting skills is empowering and rewarding. If you want to find a date, you will. It's about playing the numbers game: you chat up 10 guys, you might meet one you like.

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All of this seems like a lot of work to me. Which might explain why I'm still single.

I tend to go out to grungey, old-man pubs, where you can hear yourself think, and sit chatting to pals in a cosy corner seat. A big mistake, of course. If you're on the pull, you need to literally stand out; to see and be seen. David gives us a task: to do a lap of the bar and find three people who catch our eye.

Off we strut, armed with our newly acquired wisdom. We pretend we're looking for friends in the crowd, screening faces and feeling a bit like we're up to no good. However, this particular night yields no joy. Three laps later, my feet are starting to hurt -- I shouldn't have worn those heels. I've forgotten where my arms are meant to be folded or on hips is bad, as is biting one's nails, which my particular vice and my face hurts from wearing what I imagine is an enigmatic smile. Finally, I spy someone: a tall guy, brown jumper, bit of stubble and utter a 'Hi!

Then his girlfriend arrives back from the loo. Chatting afterwards, Con feels that the night has been a useful exercise. Sally, from the 8 o'clock group, even got herself a date. Catherine isn't as so convinced. The first thing to do after coming out of a long-term relationship is take some time for you. Find yourself again and take some me time. This goes for relationships of even 6 months or more.

Just like the latest mobile phone, the world is always changing and that goes for dating too. Don't let fear hold you back and get started today!


My experience includes both domestic and international matchmaking. My human resources background combined with 15 years of coaching and matching having given me the knowledge to successfully pair up hundreds of my clients. I have built up a large pool of clients who trust and use my services to help them prepare and succeed in their dating journey. I understand all the dating challenges you face and know how to overcome them.

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Let me guide you to dating success. Don't waste any more time using technology to shop for love, act now and get your dating life sorted.

A passing glance maybe all it takes! An opportunity to meet lot's of new people in lovely surroundings. Hugh, I got married in Trim a week ago! Having attended so many great events I always felt that someone would cross my path and be my soul mate. We both feel blessed and thanks to you!

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What a great night! It's a challenge to meet similar minded people who are in the same circumstances. Everyone was friendly, fun and a few flirtatious! All good : Tom, Feb Folks if you haven't tried speed dating, just go! Met 8 lovely sound guys in one evening and ticked 3 boxes : Hopefully, someone will tick mine! Linda August