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The Confederate Wars of the s were played out in many arenas throughout Ireland and Athy — for a period of eight years — was one of the centres of war involving the Royalists, Parliamentarians and the Confederates.

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The town was bombarded by cannon fire many times and the Dominican Monastery, the local castles and the town's bridge dating from all succumbed to the destructive forces of the cannonball. The current bridge, the Crom-a-Boo Bridge, was built in The first town charter dates from and the town hall was constructed in the early 18th century. The completion of the Grand Canal in , linking here with the River Barrow, and the arrival of the railway in , illustrate the importance of the town as a commercial centre. From early on in its history Athy was a garrison town loyal to the Crown.

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English garrisons stayed in the barracks in Barrack Lane after the Crimean War and contributed greatly to the town's commerce. Home for centuries to English soldiers, Athy gave more volunteer soldiers to the Great War of —18 than any other town of similar size in Ireland.

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Athy has evolved as a centre for Hiberno-English , the mix of the Irish and English language traditions. A dialect starting with old Irish beginnings, evolved through Norman and English influences, dominated by a church whose first language was Latin and educated through Irish. Athy in particular was a mixing pot of languages that led to modern Hiberno-English.

Positioned at the edge of the Pale , sandwiched between the Irish and English speaking partitions, Athy traded language between the landed gentry, the middle class merchants, the English working class garrison soldiers and the local peasantry. Many locals words borrow from the Irish tradition, such as "bokety", "fooster" or "sleeveen", while words like "kip", "cop-on" or even "grinds" have their origins in Old or Middle English.

This tradition of spoken word led to a lyrical approach to composition and perhaps explains the disproportionate number of writers Athy has produced. Athy becomes subject and object of creative endeavours — the traditional folk song, " Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye ", is a prime example. Other songs in this tradition include " Lanigan's Ball " and "Maid of Athy". It was the first international motor race to be held in Britain or Ireland.

The Automobile Club of Great Britain and Ireland wanted the race to be hosted in the British Isles, and Ireland was suggested as the venue because racing was illegal on British public roads. After some lobbying and changes to local laws, County Kildare was chosen, partly because the straightness of the roads would be a safety benefit. As a compliment to Ireland the British team chose to race in Shamrock green which thus became known as British racing green.

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Athy's courthouse was designed by Frederick Darley and built in the s; it was originally the town's corn exchange. From the first official records in population 3, until population 4, and again in —46 and —61 Athy was the largest town in Kildare. In the population was 4, The town is located on the N78 national secondary road where it crosses the R regional road. In the N78 was re-aligned so that it no longer heads from Athy towards Kilcullen and Dublin via Ardscull, but now connects with the M9 motorway near Mullamast.

The old Athy-Kilcullen section of the road previously known as the N78 is now the R Athy is connected to the Irish rail network via the Dublin — Waterford main line.

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Athy railway station opened on 4 August and closed for goods traffic on 6 September This is all that is left of the former branch to Wolfhill colliery. This side line was built by the United Kingdom government in due to wartime shortage of coal in Ireland. Ashbourne LEA, Co.

Ratoath LEA, Co. Bray LEA, Co. Wicklow LEA, Co. Cobh LEA, Co. Maynooth LEA, Co. Drogheda LEA, Co. Greystones LEA, Co. Navan LEA, Co. Fermoy LEA, Co. Midleton LEA, Co. Kilkenny LEA, Co. Portlaoise LEA, Co. Ardee LEA, Co. Kells LEA, Co. Trim LEA, Co. Athlone LEA, Co. Gorey LEA, Co. Arklow LEA, Co. Carlow LEA, Co. Macroom LEA, Co. Piltown LEA, Co. The number of people that can be present within courtroom 3 is 12 excluding the judge and registrar and the number of people that can be present in courtroom 4 excluding the judge and registrar is 6. The number of people that can safely attend at Athy courthouse is 22 in the courtroom excluding the judge and registrar.

Unless otherwise directed by the assigned judge, Naas and Athy District Courts will recommence sitting in accordance with the normal calendars as published on the Court Service website. Criminal business at Naas and Athy Courthouse will be scheduled to ensure a throughput of people before the court at a rate that respects the subsisting public safety guidance.

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At present this will involve the continuation of the division of the business of the day. Application for warrants will be dealt with first and will be held in camera with the DAR switched on. Such applications may be heard in camera at specified times, subject always to the subsisting safety advice. Urgent applications will be given priority.

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Practitioners are asked to direct their clients to attend court at the relevant times and to leave the courthouse and the curtilage thereof immediately after their case is concluded. Consultations about court outcomes should occur elsewhere. Where practicable, court presenters are asked to have DPP directions and disclosure ready for the first court appearance. Summary cases that can be dealt with there and then will be disposed of. Where disclosure is appropriate the case will be adjourned, subject to available dates, for about 6 weeks for entry of a guilty plea or the reservation a hearing date.

The disclosure should be furnished within about 4 weeks, giving the accused and their solicitor about 2 weeks to consider the correct course. Parties should contact their Solicitors in advance of the Court day with their instructions.