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Did you know that 80 percent of early human societies were polygamous multiple partners , instead of monogamous? In fact, David P. Monogamy itself is a recent societal creation. Men and women are both inclined to seek multiple sexual partners for a variety of biological reasons. The question arises then: Is it time to ditch, or rethink, monogamy as a standard? The reality is that you have one life to live and you deserve to be happy and fulfilled.

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The town of Kildrought or Kildroighid developed around the castle, monastery and mill of Kildrought which Thomas de Hereford , the Norman Lord of Kildrought erected early in the 13th century. The one long street running between the de Hereford Castle and lands of Castletown, and the mill, had taken shape by when Henry le Waleys was charged at a Naas court of "breaking the doors" of houses in the town of Kildrought and by night "taking geese, hens, beer and other victuals" against the will of the people of the town.

By the time of the Down Survey — the population was and the Dongan family were in possession of all the land in Celbridge. Dongan died at the Battle of the Boyne and is buried in Tea Lane cemetery. Talbot died immediately before the Siege of Limerick. His widow remained in Killadoon, outliving the two men who took over the town from her husband and John Dongan, Bartholmew Van Homrigh and William Conolly. The present day houses in Celbridge Main Street and town centre were built over a period of two hundred years. He moved to Kildrought Manor in Conolly built his new mansion at Castletown, cleared the existing tenantry and began to develop the town.

Improvers and speculative developers followed Conolly to Celbridge. The new leases were granted on condition that the builders erect substantial stone houses with gable ends and two chimneys, replacing mud cabins and waste ground. Existing mercantile buildings such as the 17th-century Market House , where the town's first school was based in , were incorporated into the expanding mill complex of buildings near the bridge.

Developers began to survey e green field sites to the north east of the bridge in the direction of Castletown House.

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The result was to move the axis of Celbridge away from the bridge, corn and tuck mill and road to St Mochua's church to a new Main Street. The old Irish name Cill Droichid Kildrought , meaning the church of the bridge, was anglicised first to Cellbridge and then, after , to Celbridge. Swift in his letters to Vanessa always named the place "Kildrought", but she replied from "Celbridge".

Celbridge's 18th-century bridge had to be rebuilt after it was destroyed in a flood in December The development of the Main Street commenced with the building of Kildrought House by Joseph Rotheny in for Robert Baillie, a Dublin upholsterer who was William Conolly's greatest prospect as an improving tenant.

A large extension, which included a malt house, was added after Baillie sold in Kildrought house became home to John Begnall's Academy after Jeremiah Haughton, owner of the Mill lived there after For a time in the early 19th century, Kildrought House had a cholera hospital attached to it and served as the local police barracks from to when the barrack moved to the site of the current Michaelangelo's restaurant. After it was leased by Richard Maunsell of Oakley Park.

Next door is the courthouse where the local petty sessions took place every fourth week. Richard married Elizabeth Clare , [16] proprietor of the White Hart Inn, a public house at the site of the current Londis supermarket. Finey's successor as Conolly's agent, Dublin cabinetmaker Charles Davis, built Jessamine Lodge, an impressive fivebay house with a weather vane on the junction of Main Street and the Maynooth Road It was home to seven generations of Mulligans until One of the Mulligans had the decorative iron arch to the entrance gate constructed from material salvaged from the GPO Dublin after the Rising.

The Castletown Inn stands where Isaac Annesley, the early 18th-century master stonemason, lived. One of the oldest houses in the town. No 59 next door, was renovated in the latter half of the 18th century for Thomas Conolly's huntsman. Christopher Barry's Auctioneers was built in by Richard Nelson and let to Chief Constable Marley, it replaced an old dwellinghouse with stables and offices where William Wadsworth, the original Irish Straw Manufacturer and exporter lived and operated at the end of the 19th century.

Matthew Gogarty came from Clondalkin in and established his shop on the other side of the street.

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Roseville was built in Castletown gates at the end of the street were built in after a design inspired by Batty Langley. According to research by local historian Lena Boylan, the work was by a stonemason named Coates and a blacksmith named Behan.

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Joseph Shaw's flax and flour mills was a major employer in the town [18] until its closure after the death of William Shaw. The now disappeared "town" of Templeplace is recording as having a population of in , in , in , in and was, after , included in the townland of Newtown "on which it stood" as it "did not contain 20 inhabited houses. The population of Newtown in was , down from It was purchased by Jeremiah and Thomas Houghton after Atkinson's bankruptcy in It employed people at full capacity, some of them children who were eight and nine years of age.

Workers from Yorkshire who came to work in the mill lived in Tea Lane so called because of the amount of discarded tea leaves on the street and English Row. The closure of the mills in caused the population of Celbridge to plunge from a 19th-century peak of 1, in 1, in to in and a low of in [26] [27]. Under the Irish Government regeneration scheme of the s, the Leinster Hand Weaving Company acquired the premises for conversion into a weaving mill.

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It was a major employer until its closure in May with the loss of jobs. This ended two centuries of intermittent wool production in the village. The mill now serves as a community centre.