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The permissible capacity number is posted at the entrance of the vehicle. If you have a story or want to send a photo or video to us please contact the Derry Now editorial team on for Derry City stories Or for County Derry stories. Or you can email editor derrynews.

Read more from Derry Now. This website and its associated newspaper are full participating members of the Press Council of Ireland and supports the Office of the Press Ombudsman. Among the FAI hierarchy, there is a view that Kenny has been a victim of cruel and unusual circumstances, and that all will well, in due course.

Kenny believes that, well, in due course. Kenny believes too.

In an ideal world, everyone would have it. Then you could have a much more relaxed and enjoyable environment.

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Imagine he went for a job and laid out his Irish CV on the table — eight games, five losses, one goal. Would much store would be put in Covid upheaval and injury excuses? For Kenny, the challenge in is to sustain a meaningful challenge through the World Cup qualification and validate his appointment as manager, as well as his coaching principles.

Should Ireland take the fight to next November when they finish off against Portugal at home and Luxembourg away, there would be debate about Kenny continuing. But were the World Cup crusade or less, the ground would shift under Kenny. Instead, it would be the voice of the ordinary Irish football fan which would count, along with the FAI bean-counters. Kenny was probably fortunate the sterile draw against Bulgaria last month was played at an empty house as fans would not have been enlightened by what they witnessed.

Known for his stubbornness and utter conviction, on Monday Kenny assessed his Irish management so far, and what he demands his players. In the video game Skyrim , the Irish Wolfhound is the breed of dog for all dogs in the base game. Considered by the American Kennel Club to be the tallest of all dog breeds, describing the breed as, "of great size and commanding appearance, the Irish Wolfhound is remarkable in combining power and swiftness with keen sight. The largest and tallest of the galloping hounds, in general type he is a rough-coated, Greyhound-like breed; very muscular, strong though gracefully built; movements easy and active; head and neck carried high, the tail carried with an upward sweep with a slight curve towards the extremity".

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However, the wolfhound is not to be confused with being the heaviest, as its structure should be similar to that of a Greyhound, with a very broad and deep chest that tucks up. Its colour may be grey, brindle, red, black, white, fawn, and wheaten. The Irish Wolfhound was bred for long solitary hunts based solely on the dog's ability to visualize its landscape and perceive, unlike scent hounds such as Bloodhounds and Beagles who rely on scent rather than sight. For this reason, the neck of an Irish Wolfhound should be long with the head held high the majority of the time.

The Irish Wolfhound should also appear to be longer than it is tall. Irish Wolfhounds have a varied range of personalities and are most often noted for their personal quirks and individualism. This is because the breed is generally introverted, intelligent, and reserved in character.

An easygoing animal, the Irish Wolfhound is quiet by nature. Wolfhounds often create a strong bond with their family and can become quite destructive or morose if left alone for long periods of time. An Irish Wolfhound is not a guard dog and will protect individuals rather than the house or the owner's possessions. However independent the wolfhound is, the breed becomes attached to both owners and other dogs they are raised with and is therefore not the most adaptable of breeds.

Bred for independence, an Irish Wolfhound is not necessarily keen on defending spaces.

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This is a specific hunting behavior, not a fighting or territorial domination behavior. Most Wolfhounds are very gentle with children. The Irish Wolfhound is relatively easy to train. They respond well to firm, but gentle, consistent leadership.


However, historically these dogs were required to work at great distances from their masters and think independently when hunting rather than waiting for detailed commands and this can still be seen in the breed. Irish Wolfhounds are often favored for their loyalty, affection, patience and devotion.

Although at some points in history they have been used as watchdogs, unlike some breeds, the Irish Wolfhound is usually unreliable in this role as they are often friendly toward strangers, although their size can be a natural deterrent. However, when protection is required this dog is never found wanting. When they or their family are in any perceived danger they display a fearless nature. Author and Irish Wolfhound breeder Linda Glover believes the dogs' close affinity with humans makes them acutely aware and sensitive to ill will or malicious intentions leading to their excelling as a guardian rather than guard dog.

Like many large dog breeds, Irish Wolfhounds have a relatively short lifespan. Published lifespan estimations vary between 6 and 10 years with 7 years being the average. Dilated cardiomyopathy and bone cancer are the leading cause of death and like all deep-chested dogs, gastric torsion bloat is common; the breed is affected by hereditary intrahepatic portosystemic shunt.

In a privately funded study conducted under the auspices of the Irish Wolfhound Club of America and based on an owner survey, Irish Wolfhounds in the United States from to lived to a mean age of 6. Studies have shown that neutering is associated with a higher risk of bone cancer in various breeds, [45] [46] [47] with one study suggesting that castration of male Irish Wolfhounds should be avoided at least until the dog is fully grown.

Irish Wolfhounds should not receive additional supplements when a good dog food is used.

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Most breeders today recommend that they not be supplemented to slow their rapid growth. Irish Wolfhounds are the tallest of all dog breeds. They are well suited to rural life, but their medium energy profile allows them to adjust fairly well to suburban and urban life as well, provided they receive appropriate exercise. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Dog breed. Graham [26]. Retrieved 24 January