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La reduccion a menudo usada:. Esta cantidad expresado en las kilocalorias o los kilojulios instalan sobre la etiqueta del producto. Si poner el valor calorico de todos los productos, que comeis en un dia, resultara el valor calorico diario de la racion de la alimentacion. Mas exactamente estimar la necesidad del organismo de la energia de la comida se puede estimar por medio del calculador especial fundado en las formulas empiricas, propuesto por los dietologos.

Si el valor calorico de la racion de la alimentacion durante un tiempo superara la norma recomendada, el peso del cuerpo crecera. Para seguirle, se recomienda conducir el diario, en que anotar comido y contar su valor calorico.

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Everyone has a different way of passing the time during deployments. Some people work their way through seasons on Netflix, some CrossFit their way to a better physique, while others pursue academic goals. For Green Beret Nate Boyer, it was watching YouTube videos and practicing those skills that helped him chase his dream of becoming a professional football player. Following his service in the Army, Boyer wanted to go to college and to be a starter on the Texas Longhorns football team.

Nobody wants a year-old rookie on their team. Following tryouts, Boyer learned that there would be a starting position open as a long snapper for the Longhorns.

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VA will soon mark , veterans cured of hepatitis C. This is exciting news and puts VA on track to eliminate hepatitis C in all eligible veterans enrolled in VA care who are willing and able to be treated. Building on this success, VA takes on another important issue during Hepatitis Awareness Month: making sure all veterans experiencing homelessness are vaccinated for hepatitis A. Recently, there have been multiple large outbreaks of hepatitis A among people who are homeless and people who use injection drugs across the U.

Currently, there is a large outbreak in Tennessee and Kentucky that has affected well over 5, people across the two states with 60 deaths reported thus far. Earlier this year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC issued Recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices , advising that all individuals experiencing homelessness be vaccinated against hepatitis A. Given that individuals experiencing homelessness may also be at increased risk of exposure to hepatitis B, VA recommends vaccination for those with risk factors against both hepatitis A and B, as appropriate.

We are collaborating with leadership and frontline providers to ensure all identified veterans who are homeless, non-immune and unvaccinated for hepatitis A and those at risk of HBV exposure are offered vaccination, as appropriate, at their next VA appointment. Veterans who are interested in either hepatitis A or B vaccination may ask their VA provider for more information. Hepatitis Testing Day May 19 is a great reminder to check in with your provider about hepatitis C testing and treatment as well. This article originally appeared on VAntage Point. Follow DeptVetAffairs on Twitter.

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Warrior Maven By Blake Stilwell. The US Navy is planning to finalize weapons integration on its new USS Ford carrier and explode bombs in various sea conditions near the ship to prepare for major combat on the open seas, service officials said. Ford will conduct further trails and testing, culminating in full-ship shock trials. In a manner far more threatening than most previously known threats to Navy aircraft carriers, potential adversaries have in recent years been designing and testing weapons specifically engineered to destroy US carriers.

This weapon, now actively being developed and tested by the Chinese military, can reportedly hit moving carriers at ranges up to nautical miles.

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Accordingly, unlike the last 15 years of major US military counterinsurgency operations where carriers operated largely uncontested, potential future conflict will likely require much more advanced carrier defenses, service developers have explained. The MITRE analysis further specifies that, following a nearby explosion, the bulkhead of a ship can oscillate, causing the ship to move upward.

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Given that post Shock Trial evaluations and damage assessments can result in a need to make modifications to the ship, some Navy developers wanted to save Shock Trials for the second Ford-class carrier, the USS Kennedy. The rationale, according to multiple reports, was to ensure the anticipated USS Ford deployment time frame was not delayed. Data analysis following shock trials has, over the years, shown that even small ship component failures can have large consequences. Also, given that the USS Ford is introducing a range of as-of-yet unprecedented carrier-technologies, testing the impact of nearby attacks on the ship may be of greater significance than previous shock trials conducted for other ships.

For instance, Ford-class carriers are built with a larger flight deck able to increase the sortie-generation rate by percent, an electromagnetic catapult to replace the current steam system and much greater levels of automation or computer controls throughout the ship.

The ship is also engineered to accommodate new sensors, software, weapons, and combat systems as they emerge, Navy officials have said. The USS Ford is built with four megawatt generators, bringing a total of megawatts to the ship. Several years ago, the Navy announced that the V Osprey will be taking on the Carrier On-Board Delivery mission wherein it will carry forces and equipment on and off carriers while at sea.

However, despite the emergence of weapons such as DFD, senior Navy leaders and some analysts have questioned the ability of the weapon like this to actually hit and destroy carriers on the move at knots from 1, miles away. Targeting, guidance on the move, fire control, ISR and other assets are necessary for these kinds of weapons to function as advertised.

GPS, inertial measurement units, advanced sensors and dual-mode seekers are part of a handful of fast-developing technologies able to address some of these challenges, yet it does not seem clear that long-range anti-ship missiles such as the DFD will actually be able to destroy carriers on the move at the described distances. Furthermore, the Navy is rapidly advancing ship-based defensive weapons, electronic warfare applications, lasers and technologies able to identify and destroy approaching anti-ship cruise missile from ranges beyond the horizon.

This technology, which travels in carrier-strike groups, combines ship-based radar and fire control systems with an aerial sensor and dual-mode SM-6 missile to track and destroy approaching threats from beyond-the-horizon. The range or combat radius of carrier-based fighter jets, therefore, is fundamental to this equation.

Therein lies the challenge and the requisite need for a drone tanker able to refuel these carrier-launched aircraft mid-flight, giving them endurance sufficient to attack from longer distances. As for a maiden deployment of the USS Ford slated for , Navy officials tell Warrior Maven the ship will likely be sent to wherever it may most be in need, such as the Middle East or Pacific.

This article originally appeared on Warrior Maven. Follow warriormaven1 on Twitter. Alex Hollings By Blake Stilwell. Here in the modern world, many of us are more aware than ever of how the media can shape our perceptions of reality. And as many national governments learned early on, the same media infrastructure built to sell us products can also be used to sell us on ideas.

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British and eventually American pilots defending the U. Less than four decades after the Wright Brothers first took to the sky, Allied pilots were fighting for their lives in pitch darkness over the European theater. As Allied fighters started closing with and destroying Nazi bombers in increasing numbers despite the difficult to manage night sky, the English Ministry of Information launched a propaganda campaign aimed at convincing the world that their pilots had impeccable Nazi-hunting night vision thanks to a steady diet of — you guessed it — carrots.

A serious Vitamin A deficiency could make you go blind. Like any good misinformation campaign, they needed to find a basis in fact to use as the bedrock for their campaign, and carrots are known to be a good source of Vitamin A. Because of this, it was easy for the Brits to twist the story away from eating carrots to avoid a Vitamin A deficiency, and instead toward the idea that eating enough carrots could actually make you see better at night. Carrots were a great snack for school kids to munch on and the nation had plenty of them to spare — so selling the public on the idea that eating more carrots could turn your kid into a hawk-eyed fighter pilot benefited the war effort in ways beyond German perceptions.

Soon, no one remembered where they first heard about carrots being so important to eye health and just started accepting it as the truth. Propaganda, it pays to remember, is little more than advertising paid for by governments, rather than corporations. We all know and accept the idea that advertising works to the tune of 3 billion in the United States last year alone.

Whether we like it or not, it seems that propaganda does too. The Air Force announced the name of a service member who has been recovered from a C Globemaster aircraft that was lost on Nov. Air Force Staff Sgt. Eugene R. Costley has been recovered and will be returned to his family in Elmira, New York, for burial with full military honors.

On Nov. There were 11 crewmen and 41 passengers on board. Adverse weather conditions precluded immediate recovery attempts. In late November and early December , search parties were unable to locate and recover any of the service members. On June 9, , an Alaska National Guard UH Blackhawk helicopter crew spotted aircraft wreckage and debris while conducting a training mission over the Colony Glacier, immediately west of Mount Gannett.

Three days later another AKNG team landed at the site to photograph the area and they found artifacts at the site that related to the wreckage of the C Globemaster. The crash site continues to be monitored for future possible recovery. For more information, please contact Air Force public affairs at For service record specific information, please contact the National Archives at This article originally appeared on the United States Air Force.

Follow usairforce on Twitter. KYIV, Ukraine — China sent fighter jets into Taiwanese airspace on Monday morning amid the first visit by a senior US official to Taiwan in decades, underscoring a steady deterioration in Sino-American relations that is increasingly edging the two countries closer to a military clash, some experts warn. Around 9 a. Monday morning, Chinese J and J fighter jets crossed the median line in the Taiwan Strait — the narrow body of water dividing mainland China from Taiwan — and briefly entered Taiwanese airspace.

DoD photo by Staff Sgt. Myles Cullen, released. Taiwanese missiles were also tracking the Chinese jets, Taiwanese defense officials said. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. James Richardson.