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Thanks for a wonderful experience. It was my first break since lockdown and I must say I am amazed.. I have already reviewed on Tripadvisor You were excellent.. Everything about this hotel was perfect!

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The staff were wonderful and helpful - I had three large bags and they brought them up to my room and helped me with everything like that. The room was lovely and clean and spacious. Great to stay in your hotel again and how well it's looking. The staff are so good at their jobs. Good luck with everything.

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The pictures do not do this hotel justice! The place was very updated and posh. Loved the backlit mirror as well as the very well done rain shower head! Thank you. Airport parking service was very efficient and well organised. Great value for money. Staff were very friendly and helpful. Will use this service again. Only stayed a few hours to catch an early flight but I have to say I thought the manners, efficiency and helpfulness of any staff I encountered was absolutely high quality.

Superb service, my whole extended family enjoyed their stay here. From the receptionist to the server in the restaurant - every member of staff made us feel welcome. Very helpful staff. Staff was super helpful and very accommodating, always assisting us with a smile. Great experience, like being welcomed in warmth and comfort of somebody's home with all the sophistication of a large hotel. Restaurant experience also great. The Metro Hotel was a great place to stay on my last night in Ireland - the staff was very helpful and friendly, and the shuttle to the airport was easy and convenient.

I recommend! I can't recommend this hotel highly enough. Special mention to Michael shuttle bus driver for a prompt service delivered with a fantastic witty personality. I used the parking service at the hotel. The whole system from booking online to the transport experience to airport was excellent. All staff very friendly and helpful.

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I would definitely recommend the Metro hotel. Well, the gloves are coming off!

MetroLink threatened by new plan - minister

One would assume that most wives are independent citizens and have rights as such. Therefore it is hard to see on what basis Nama can demand personal and financial information on them from a husband. I would think that many will seek independent legal representation. It will be intriguing to see how this plays out.

I refer to the statement of affairs in respect of XXX and the listing of property transfers which you submitted to us as part of the recent business plan submission. To finalise this information, NAMA requires that xxx principals submit a final, signed, comprehensive and itemised listing of all asset transfers to connected parties including spouses and other family connections if applicable over the past five years.

This list should detail the date of transfer and where relevant, the consideration paid.

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In addition, NAMA requires a final. A description, estimated valuation and details of any related debt should be provided in respect of each asset. The principals and spouses are reminded that NAMA may at any time seek sworn affidavits in respect of the statements of affairs or asset transfers. I work for one of the developers on your list and know many others; your list only contains public knowledge not the real bad stuff, fields all over the country now only good for farming outstanding loans of well over a million an acre. They are now worth about 20 k an acre before any fire sale and will never be developed.

There was a belief amongst developers that the market was going to collapse from however that they would know well in advance via Sean Fitzpatrick, Brian Goggan and Ken Macdonald and be able to sell at massive reductions to investors via financial advisors and clear their loans. The banks knew it too. Who made that decision? It was an unusual banking decision. It seems in hindsight that it was designed to prop up the demand side because the banks already knew that developers were in trouble and only a buying spree would save them.

I am writing the question from abroad: Since NAMA is involved in selling of a one of overseas assets of a developer listed above, who should be dealing with payment claims local subcontractors, architects, consultants and other services , regarding the property development there? Where can I find such information?

On examination if public bodies knew how; one could see that their debtors are property companies owned by themselves or group companies. Financial engineering to show they are profitable and solvent when in fact the opposite may be true if current property values were used. If public bodies could be alerted to this the select tender lists might be easier to get onto. There has been a marked fall-off in enforcement activity in the past five weeks, with only one minor new receivership reported on here last week. There has certainly not been any high profile scalp since the Grehans at the start of May That might be because the Grehans raised some important points on receivership generally, in their subsequent High Court application, but that was defeated at the start of this week.

The volume of public shield-banging by NAMA has also been toned down. For all of that, I know there are a lot of intensive, and indeed sensitive, negotiations going on at present. But no update, sorry.

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It has not yet really addressed the marketing phase, especially in Ireland. Logic dictates that these disposals should not all be in London and there is a need to begin the process of disposing of some Irish assets.

Hence we will see a move to market portfolios of Irish loans out of NAMA before the end of this year. When can we expect to see a fuller and updated list? Thank you for your hard work. Andrew, the above lists are frequently updated, generally weekly. Please refer to the notes above, association with an asset might be past or present, you need to refer to the comment typically a newspaper report or corporate press release or accounts to see the association.

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