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Photographs of Taoiseach launching indoor market. Text: Urban Art. Interview: Johnston. Interview: Gallen with children. Text: "Urban Warfare. Interview: McNamara. Interview: O'Donoghue. Text: "A new deal". Shots of area. Montage of scenes. Text: "Urban is dead long live urban?

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John Wall, Professor P. And thanks to those who contributed to the film in the form of interviews, time or spirt. In memory of James 'Ship' Evans. The film also charts the changing face of the North Wall and Sheriff Street.

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Shotlist Black and white footage of North wall docks and men working there. Voiceovers of ex-dockers. Footage of Sheriff Street. Archive photographs of ship yards and footage from various stages during the first half of the centuary. Footage of North Wall. Register showing how community went from full employment to total unemployment. Footage of area from the s. Interview: Gerry Fay with photographs from the launch of the urban renewal act.

Interview: Johnny Walsh. Interview: Brian Dunleavy. Interview: Tony Gregory. Interview: Fay. Interview: Gregory. Interview: Fay with photographs and footage from protest. Modern Sheriff Street. Interview: Maary Cummins. Footage of anti-drug vigils.

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Super imposition of planned Spencer Dock devopments. Interview: Millie Masterson. Interview: Cummins. Interview: Marie O'Reilly. Voiceover: Masterson.

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No high rise campaign Protests around the area. Illustrations of plans and news paper headlines. Interview: Dunleavy. Fay in shop putting up campaign posters. Interview: Mark Candon, principle and shots of school. North Wall Women's Centre. Interview: Celine Howard. Margaret Hennesy at work in the I. Interview: Coyne. Shots of children in area.

Interview: Walsh. Shots of Sheriff street. And thanks to those who contributed to the film in the form of interviews, time or spirit. Copyright End of the World Productions Ltd. Three adults who have returned to learning tell their stories. Documentary about forensic science in America and Irish featuring discussion with some of the leading players in the O. Simpson trial. A visit to Japan. Shotlist A man arrives at Aer Lingus and disembarks plane; he moves through the airport and takes a coach to the city centre. The passes a homeless blind man on the Halfpenny Bridge, and makes his way to Trinity College and looks around the grounds.

After a brief visit to the grounds of Christchurch Cathedral, the man returns to O'Connell Street where he sits under the Daniel O'Connell Statue and watches a traveller boy playing a tin whistle on the street. The poem, 'The Beggars of Dublin' begins on soundtrack. After a visit to Moore Street and the street traders, the Poet returns to O'Connell Bridge where he encounters a traveller woman with her baby on O'Connell Bridge; he gives money to the woman and criticises his own contradictory feelings in relation to charitable acts.

Film ends with a travelling shot taken from a car as it moves along Aston Quay.

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The programme investigates what would have happened had Diarmaid Mac Murrough not invited them? Programme of the 12th Galway Film Fleadh, Screened at the 12th Galway Film Fleadh, July A film that recalls Ireland's past when a network of fairs around the country was the focus of social as well as economic and agricultural activity.

He is madly jealous of Peter, a son of Lady Killane, who has put up the money for his training in Dublin. He models Peter's head and slashes the clay to bits: later at a studio party he breaks a mirror reflecting Peter dancing with Mary, his childhood friend. Michael and Mary get married, but it is with difficulty that she prevents him from hacking to pieces a model of the Madonna and Child he has just completed when Peter calls with a present for the baby. As he falls to his knees in prayer, Michael realises that he has been tortured all these years by a figment of the imagination.

Adapted from MFB Reference Gifford June While giving him a lift Merriman tells Welles a ghost story concerning an experience which happened to him when he gave a lift to women on the same road. Accepting their invitation, he went to their house where he was attracted to a young woman. On the following day he returned to the house only to find it derelict and deserted.

Going upstairs he discovered on a mantelpiece his own cigarette case which he left in the house on the previous day. Bewildered, he goes to an auctioneer's office to be told that the house has been vacant for many years. As he finishes his story, Welles notices two women hitchhiking on the road who recall the two women in his companion's story. He accelerates away from them as they exclaim in disgust at who has passed them by.

T R Royle was a pseudonym used by Louis Elliman for some of his theatrical enterprises. The scenes with Orson Welles were filmed in Italy. Gifford Dec When she recovers, she tells Kevin and an old farmer who is nearby how she was transported back in time to an event which occurred on the same spot years before when an informer, Cathleen Byme, was captured by the IRA. In the past, Mary runs away from the IRA and is shot at and knocked out. When she awakens, the farmer shows Mary and Kevin a memorial stone with the inscription 'Cross My Heart', a phrase used by Cathleen, which was erected on that spot by the IRA, of which organisation she was a member, as they had not intended killing her.

The owner's son and heir, Hugh O'Cahan, has been forced to put the property up for sale and the auction is that day. Tim visits his niece, Peggy Scally, and learns that she is in love with Hugh. Peggy, in common with the whole community, believes that Hugh has brought the property into ruin through high-living, and as a result refuses to marry him.

Tim, however, is pleased at the match, and leaves Peggy with instructions not to reveal that he has returned. Out of respect for Hugh and his family, the gers have agreed not to bid for Rush Hill at the auction. However, a local landlord, James Kilroy, wants to acquire it and calls at the Scallys' with his son, Joseph, declaring that he will buy Rush Hill for Joseph and that he wants Peggy to marry his son. Peggy's mother, Bridget, who is Tim's sister, has been opposed to her daughter's liaison with Hugh and immediately agrees to the match.

Her cowered husband, John, and a despairing Peggy, acquiesce in the wag proposal.

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She also announces that her brother Tim is due home and should arrive in time for the wedding. At Rush Hill, the auction opens and Kilroy is the only bidder. The auctioneer is about to close the sale when a dapper stranger arrives on the scene and forces up the price. When Kilroy has bid a far higher figure than he intended, the stranger disappears, and the property is knocked down to Kilroy. Revealing his financial difficulty, Mrs Scally tells Kilroy that her husband will put up some of the money. That evening at the Scallys', Tim and John Scally get drunk.

When Bridget then meets her brother for the first time, and sees that he and her husband are drunk, she tries to hide them in the kitchen when the Kilroys arrive. However, Tim inspires Mr Scally to revolt and he refuses to put up the necessary money to help Kilroy. With the household in turmoil, Hugh arrives to say goodbye to Peggy.

Having recently learned that he is not the reprobate gers had complained of, and that she is in love with him, she decides to go away with him. With Kilroy unable to buy Rush Hill, the auctioneer declares that the property must go to the next highest bidder. Tim then discloses that he was the stranger in disguise at the auction and in his years away he had saved enough money to buy Rush Hill. He then gives the property to Hugh and Peggy as a wedding present.

Finally, he resolves the difficulties between the Scallys and the Kilroys by promising them all a good time at the wedding. Note Professor Tim by George Shiels 1 perf. Though they are not listed in the credits for the film, British-based distributor Emmet Dalton, who worked for the Goldwyn Company before leaving in to become a film producer, played a key role in having the film made, as did Louis Elliman, head of Rank's operations in Ireland. Another company was formed at this time to select, in association with the Abbey Theatre, plays for cinema or television adaptation.

Gifford Oct After initially threatening the old man, the two gradually come to share each other's very different cultural and religious experiences. Wlien the Black and Tans search the synagogue and the house, the Jew tells the Tans that the man is his student. After they leave, the man says that he should have shot them, but the Jew tells him that his family would have been killed as a reprisal.