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Saidulu Konda, Medicinal and Biomolecular Chemistry, will study - Fabrication of bioinspired artificial extracellular matrix scaffold for diabetic wound care. The two programmes, addressing postgraduate and postdoctoral research, are the only ones of their kind in Ireland, funding excellent research across all disciplines and are highly competitive, nationally and internationally.

Awardees benefit greatly from having obtained a research award in their own name, demonstrating world-class potential in their chosen field from early-career stage. Through this and other IRC programmes, the Council continues to deliver the best and brightest research talent for Ireland. Working hand-in-glove with our research-performing organisations, awardees will expand the frontiers of knowledge and generate the research and innovations that will help to address national and global societal challenges.

Each student comes from a different background, accessing university through a variety of routes, but with determination that is key to the personal difficulties they have faced. Filmed over the past 12 months, the series provides a unique and authentic insight into the lives of seven students across the country, as they navigate through personal challenges and the current Covid pandemic while trying to grapple with the move to remote learning. I hope that when they watch it, they see me, but do not pity me.

Rather they think about pushing themselves further and challenging themselves. I hope people take every opportunity offered to them and never let a horrible or tough childhood or any other challenges stand in their way. I hope they see that they have a right to everything good that comes to them and so they take those opportunities and be grateful.

For those from traditionally under-represented groups, we believe Access means students having the supports to successfully participate and remain in higher education, to achieve graduation and the opportunity thereafter to progress in their chosen career or to further postgraduate study. As a University we remain committed to diversity and equality of opportunity, to combating educational disadvantage in our region and beyond, and to ensuring university education is for everyone.

This documentary shows that NUI Galway supports all students from all backgrounds succeed, irrespective of their circumstances of birth.

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The many access routes the universities support are key to building a long-term inclusive society in Ireland. As a result of the work done by the Access and Disability programmes run by Irish Universities the student body is becoming a more and more diverse group. But, we have much more to do. It is paramount that we do everything possible to support increased access for all students who need it. More information on the series can be found on www. The project will facilitate and enhance the digital skills and competences of those working in housing and property, real estate, and associated activities across Europe.

Over three years, the project will design and create an international online course for housing and property professionals in the public and private sectors. The modules, materials and learning tools will include PROPTECH — a term which includes blockchain, smart contracts, as well as online transactions and platforms for housing, property and real estate exchange and management.

These will enhance digital skills and competences, and produce a skills management tool for housing and real estate operations, based on a mobile micro-learning platform.

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The project will develop state of the art online learning tools to enhance learner engagement, motivation and participation. The ultimate training will be available for professionals involved in the housing, property and real estate fields, as well as policymakers. Luxembourg and Fundacion Iberioamericana del Conocimiento Spain. NUI Galway Speech and Language academics and students have embarked on a new telehealth clinical placement offering approximately 30 online appointments daily in English and Irish. The new facility not only offers learning opportunities and the ability for students to complete their practice education training through clinical placements, but also allows clients to access health care services and therapy from the comfort and safety of their homes.

As a consequence of Covid, clinical placements became scarce due to reduced speech and language therapy services, increased measures of infection control and the redeployment of therapists to COVID related duties. To deal with this crisis and provide enough clinical hours for our students, the discipline of Speech and Language Therapy at NUI Galway turned to telehealth. Every week, under supervision, 27 fourth year Speech and Language Therapy students offer approximately 30 telehealth appointments daily.

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To support the delivery of appointments the students are creating a bank of video podcasts which demonstrate activities they will be targeting in therapy. This ensures families have support material to review between sessions. Initially they contact clients to explain the service, then arrange appointments and send out the materials used for each session.

Sessions last from minutes and are supervised by a qualified Speech and Language Therapist. Afterwards follow up material is sent to the client based on the progress that they made. NUI Galway are also working with parents and schools to provide advice and offer much needed therapy programmes. We are also enthused by the positivity of clients.

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These telehealth clinical placements are a way of future-proofing the students for the world into which they will graduate, making them highly desirable healthcare employees. However, it's been a unique experience as we have been able to make a difference in the lives of children and adults without putting anyone at risk. It's been a great opportunity to learn how to problem solve and adapt traditional therapy techniques to an online format. I'm grateful to everyone who has taken part in therapy as it has shown to us just how beneficial telehealth can be.

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Whilst I was somewhat sceptical at first I reminded myself that I was a student once and, like the girls, needed real hands on experience. They have made a huge effort to understand my specific needs and come up with exercises that are appropriate and productive as well as being suitable for the on-line platform. Both they and I have a vested interest in making this work- they need the experience and I need their specialist knowledge, so it is mutually beneficial scenario.

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The telehealth appointments are currently being rolled out across counties Galway and Donegal with plans to extend nationwide in due course. The award recognises the excellence of research carried out to date, and the potential of the awardee to grow further as an expert in their field in the future. Dr McGetrick, originally from Sligo, has over 12 years of experience in Civil Engineering, undertaking collaborative funded research on smart infrastructure and sensing technologies.

He specialises in structural design, dynamics, testing, and monitoring of infrastructure such as bridges and buildings, utilising sensors and drones. Patrick McGetrick is a Principal Investigator on the Modular Mass Timber Building for the Circular Economy project at NUI Galway, which focuses on the design, development and experimental testing of a sustainable modular timber building solution, maximising the use of Irish timber in cross-laminated timber panels, and optimising the modules for future deconstruction and reuse.

Dr McGetrick is currently co-supervising PhD research on the structural health monitoring of bridges using sensors and applications of image processing techniques, and 3D photogrammetry for structural inspections using drones. My ongoing research at NUI Galway aims to deliver engineering solutions which support the sustainable development of future cities and transport networks worldwide.

It is reflective of the excellent ongoing work in Civil Engineering at the University. Michael worked alongside TERG to complete his ME thesis research on the experimental testing of advanced engineered timber products. It was a fully virtual event this year, attracting attendees from academia and practice and hosted seven keynote lectures, and papers and presentations across nine technical streams.

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The investment round was led by Nipro Corporation, a world-leading medical product manufacturer based in Osaka, Japan. The Western Development Commission and Enterprise Ireland also contributed to the investment, in addition to international medical device experts and vascular surgeons. Their focus on Chronic Venous Disease is an area of great patient need due to its high prevalence internationally and significant impact on quality of life.

This less invasive solution under development will offer physicians an entirely new treatment option for all CVD patients. The Venari Medical team have impressed us greatly with this cutting-edge approach to venous disease treatment, from their novel pre-clinical research in vein biology, to collaborations with internationally recognised experts in venous disease treatment. As BioInnovate Ireland fellows, the Venari team are an example of how this collaborative programme funded by Enterprise Ireland is connecting experts and producing the next generation of healthcare entrepreneurs focused on improving lives.

We are so pleased to support its development as the business set their sights on new global markets and we are excited to see what is next. This allows for a less invasive and more effective treatment for all CVD patients, but critically patients suffering from venous leg ulcers will benefit most. Venari expects to create 20 new jobs in both senior management and technical, quality and regulatory roles over the next 3 years as a result of this investment.

Nigel Phelan Chief Medical Officer. First in world chemical free PPE product that will pave the way for safer methods of decontamination that do not cause harm to humans or the environment Aquila Bioscience, a medical technology company from NUI Galway, has successfully proven that its breakthrough Pathogen Capturing Technology safely removes This is the first time a nature inspired, safe and non-toxic technology that is free from all harmful chemicals, has been proven to remove COVID from human skin with such efficiency.

The environmentally friendly Class I device safely captures, removes and neutralizes harmful pathogens and viral infections like coronavirus from the skin and surfaces. The breakthrough is significant and occurs at a time when protecting society and controlling the spread of COVID in the community is paramount. The results show that this novel technology is equally if not more effective as the highest performing chemical-based methods currently on the market but without any of the environmental or health problems. The proprietary Pathogen Capturing Technology is currently saturated onto a large wipe, sterilized and individually packaged.

This Anti Bioagent Decontamination ABD Device is free from alcohol and toxic chemicals and can be safely and frequently used on sensitive areas of the human body including the eyes, nose and mouth without causing any adverse side effects as well as on sensitive equipment such as computer screens and non-corrosive surfaces.

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Unlike other products on the market, ABD Devices are environmentally safe as they are made from natural materials. Originally developed to protect first-responders and defence forces personnel from a potential biological attack from agents such as anthrax, plague and ricin, Aquila Bioscience has redirected the technology to make available to the government and corporate organisations as a decontamination solution in the fight against the spread of COVID When applied to the skin surface, the laboratory found that the ABD device removes pathogens from affected surfaces by binding to the pathogens with microscopic molecular hooks.

We are also interested in working with other international partners on how best to bring this technology to other global markets. The Enterprise Ireland Horizon team is looking to engage with companies with similar ambition to support engagement with the European research and innovation system.