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The visitor centre is in Oldbridge House, a grand 18th-century property on the battleground, and tells you everything you need to know about the battle and the two warring monarchs.

This was constructed from local limestone and has a soaring bell tower and a high gable above a stunning rose window. The church has over 40 stained glass windows, and an array of beautiful carvings, on the facade, along the aisles and on the marble high altar. But most compelling of all is the shrine of St Oliver Plunkett, the Catholic Archbishop of Drogheda and Jesuit, hanged, drawn and quartered during the Popish Plot in He was the last Catholic to be martyred in England and his remains were brought back to Drogheda after his death.

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Controlling the eastern entrance to the town, St Laurence Gate is the most striking reminder of the walls that once enveloped Drogheda. The structure is from the 13th century and has two four-storey towers joined at the uppermost part by a bridge. If you inspect the portal below you can still see the slot where the portcullis would have been lowered in times of siege. One explanation for the size of St Laurence Gate is that it was also an observation tower for early warnings of waterborne attacks along the Boyne Estuary.

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In a prominent position in the north of Drogheda is the last remaining fragment of a Dominican Friary dating from the 13th century. Ever since Norman times, Millmount, the fort atop the mound on the south bank of the Boyne, has played a crucial role in the defence of Drogheda.

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The entire fort compound has become the Millmount Cultural Quarter, with a cafe, food market, craft studios, art galleries and the town museum. You can go back to the earliest years of Irish Christianity at this monastic settlement set up in the late-5th century. But most significant of all are the three Irish High Crosses, carved with bible imagery around the 9th or 10th century.

The remnants today are a National Monument of Ireland, and are remarkable thanks to the surviving lavabo.

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The visitor centre next to the ruins has a riveting exhibition on stonemasonry in the Middle Ages, preserving examples from the abbey. The estate itself goes back to the end of the 12th century, and in all this time has been in the hands of just two families: The Plunketts and then the Tichbornes since the Confederate War in the midth century. The house is decorated with portraits and period furniture and is open for tours on afternoons from June to October.

In the grounds is a 1.

1. Newgrange

North of the namesake village, the Hill of Slane is 15 kilometres west of Drogheda and is a place where Irish mythology and medieval history fuse together. This was supposed to be the only fire lit in the region, but instead of punishing Patrick, Laoire was impressed by his bravery and allowed him to continue his Christian mission in Ireland. The other great monument to seek out in Slane is this 18th-century estate in hectares on the left bank of the River Boyne. Centred on a Romantic house, the estate belongs to the nobleman Henry Mountcharles, 8th Marquess Conyngham, and was founded back in by his ancestors William Burton and Henry Burton Conyngham.

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