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In Australia, people are really a lot more laid back. Q: Did a relocation company help you with your move? Q: What are the schools in Dublin like, any particular suggestions? One thing I was surprised about was how laid back the schools were in terms of what children do. Q: How would you rate the healthcare in Dublin? More than that, there is state healthcare in Australia so there is no real need to sign on to expensive private healthcare.

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Get your free no-obligation quotes now! Breadcrumb Home Articles. Interview with Jehan - an Australian living in Ireland. Updated 22 Feb Read more in the Expat Arrivals Ireland country guide or read more expat experiences in Ireland About you Q: Where are you originally from?

A: Australia Q: Where are you living now? Expat Health Insurance. Ashfield College site Elsewhere, in Templeogue village Avestus has acquired the 1. Gaelic Football. Commercial Property. Sponsored Resource helps employers tackle fear and fatigue in the new world of work. Working smarter for a brighter future. Cork and Tralee institutes of technology build on decades of industry collaboration. Kinvara Co Galway is the seaside village that offers a gateway to the Burren. Subscriber Only. Council row over Coolock site raises vital questions about housing policy.

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4 Reasons Why Ireland Is So Popular with Expats

Retail is not a hotbed of infection, so why not let shops reopen? I wanted to support the use of this greyfield site location of a former gas station , in the hopes the land gets assigned a greener use in the future than petrol sales. Later that day, on June 21st and well after the 20km zone opened , we were overjoyed to find a street-side pizzeria offering a couple of sidewalk tables. They had gotten their Guinness tap up and running earlier that day, and we got to sit down and enjoy pizza and a pint in true Irish-Italian style!

Instead of traveling far outside of Dublin over the bank holiday weekend, we stayed here in Dublin. We stayed in town for a few reasons: 1 Hotel reservations outside Dublin were somewhat hard to come by for this three day weekend, and quite pricey. We really enjoyed the car-free areas. Dublin City Council is still allowing the flow of traffic heavy traffic at that into and out of the multi-story parking garages in the town center. We looked for a pleasant place to sit outside and eat. Yep, back to back. The manager said they were getting permission to double the size of the on-street area the following weekend.

There were little bowls with—mints? Seemed odd, as mints usually come after food. But the waiter showed up with a pitcher and poured water over them. They were actually little cloths for freshening up! The deserts our neighboring diners ordered looked fabulous too, but we decided to eat light for lunch and to enjoy an early dinner at another place. Oh, and I wanted to add that the interior design of Sole was pretty spectacular as well. News reports say the Council raised the sideway in the fenced-in areas shown below over the past week. Hoping to get out later today and see for myself.

Around Anne Street, we found a few moment that reminded of us London and one of the neighborhoods where we lived while we were there: Shoreditch E2. A bit later, we headed over to the street-side tables at Salamanca. A couple tapas and an order of churros hit the spot! We cycled home. I got too far ahead when Aongus got hung behind a traffic light.

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So I stopped to admire the architecture. New design aside old, with interesting colors and textures everywhere you look. So in closing, Aongus and I are asking, begging, Dublin City Council to keep these streets pedestrianized and to encourage businesses to place more tables and chairs outside. Everyone deserves the chance to try the outside seating and find out just how enjoyable it can be. What a fabulous transformation this can be!

Aongus and I feel so fortunate to live close to the city center. We got out and about on weekends, though we sorely missed our gym 1escape, we love you! The streets of downtown Dublin were particularly tranquil for morning bicycle rides, and the weather blessed us during March and April. Riding out here, I felt that drivers gave me more space when they saw the orange vest. Whatever—it works! And yes, my sense of style is surely all my own! It was a bit crowded, but still possible to find the needed distance from others:.

We always brought a picnic and planned for the lack of bathrooms. Something to look forward to….. During lockdown in Ireland, we started with an allowable 2 km radius exercise zone from our homes. This eventually increased to 5 km, then 20 km. For Aongus and me, the entire center of Dublin falls within 2km.

Our circle expanded, very slowly, from our immediate neighborhood of Smithfield, to 2km with Phoenix Park described in another post , Blessington Basin and the Royal Canal described below. At 5km, we expanded to the Botanic Gardens and Griffith Park.

Launch of Richmond Homes brand – Irish Times June 2017

At 20km, we cycled further, challenging ourselves to 20km there and 20km back, which would get us to Howth, cycling along the greenway at Clontarf or even over onto Bull Island and along Dollymount Strand. I wanted to document the experience for historical purposes the life of empty nesters in Dublin during lockdown!?

The tower could, I told myself, become inaccessible again, for any reason, at any time. It had been closed most of the time since I moved to Smithfield in September During lockdown, I rarely ventured out Monday-Friday. With the Liffey four blocks from home, I motivated myself to get out and walk that far some evenings, between work and dinner. During the height of lockdown, the streets of central Dublin were actually quite eerie in the evening.

He asked us why we were in town, and since exercise was allowed and we were within our allowable zone, there was not problem and the guards let us pass. Other acceptable reasons were shopping for medicine or food shopping, or assisting someone who was cocooning. We got stopped one other time, on the way to Phoenix Park because unbeknownst to us, a right-wing radical individual was trying to stage a protest.

The Irish are quite reasonable politically, in my opinion, and such radical views are unpalatable here. Although Aongus initially thought 2km would be too restrictive, it turned out there was more to see than he realized. Until lockdown. Ultimately, we ended up near the Basin while exploring on Dublin Bikes which we both subscribe to for a very reasonable annual fee. Aongus was flabbergasted. He had no inkling of the existence of this Basin— even though he was raised not far away, on the Northside of Dublin in Glasnevin! There are several delightful murals in the park surrounding Blessington Basin, and the one pictured above, with me sliding through an illusionary door, is appropo.

A week into lockdown, I got my previously non-working bike up and running. At about the same time, Aongus borrowed a bike from his sister, because he was the one appointed by his family to keep his 82 year-old aunt supplied with food and meds. With these bikes, we were able to explore more easily and we found more joys, like the footpaths, the little canalside park beside Shandon Gardens, and cycle paths aside the Royal Canal with one of its locks shown above.

Hidden Spots in Dublin: A Beach Day on North Bull Island - Wine & Rum

Our allowable zone eventually expanded to 5km. The Botanical Gardens had been closed for months before opening its gates to the public.

The caretakers must have been there during lockdown, as the place is still meticulously manicured. When amenities began re-opening on the northside of the city, the gates of the National Botanic Garden sprung open with colorful life:. Aongus loves this place. Aongus brought me through Griffith Park one day. Most drivers allowed me plenty of space, but of course, I was only cycling on weekends. We had a snack beside the canal this day in Griffith Park, and then enjoyed a short and distanced front-year visit with his aunt. Bull Island with its Dollymount Strand fall just beyond our 5km, so we had to wait for the 20km radius to enjoy these coastal amenities again.

Our visit to Dollymount Strand came after our cycle to Howth described below.