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Because we arrange each of your dates, with another member whose ID we have checked, we know where you are for every date we arrange. Each member is entitled to 5 suitable dates based on the criteria we are given at interview. The requirement to spend a fortune on nights out fishing for the right type of person is significantly reduced as you will have been given full profile details before agreeing to each introduction. Let us introduce you. One in four of our members develop a relationship through the Intro process and one in three enquiries we receive is a referral from a previous member of Intro so we are being actively recommended to friends.

Woman sought refund from dating agency after matches offered were outside Dublin

To our thousands of current members, please rest assured that our team of consultants continue to work on matching your profiles and we really look forward to being able to arrange your dates when things get back to normal. IE 01 A Nationwide Matchmaking service Although our suite of offices are on Grafton Street in Dublin, we are a dating agency for Ireland generally and we travel regularly nationwide to meet clients and provide the full matchmaking service to members in every County.

Your contributions will help us continue to deliver the stories that are important to you. But just how easy is it to find your ideal partner? Professional matchmaker Rena Maycock delivers a few home truths….

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The landscape has changed and singletons seem drowned in opportunities to meet their true love by going online dating where multiple choice rather than quality seems to be the order of the day ; braving the many speed-dating events or propping up the bar at the hippest late night hotspot. Old-fashioned matchmaking in Ireland has made a comeback with companies taking the responsibility for making relationship choices on behalf of their clients, organising each introduction and taking feedback afterwards. The hardest part of being a matchmaker is trying to manage expectations. You see, there can be a propensity to treat the service like one would a car dealership.

If one were ordering a Mercedes for instance one could order metallic paint, alloy wheels and an MP3 jack and receive a delivery date.

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And unlike my car analogy, we are not building matches from the ground up. The most difficult of criteria we find is achieving like for like counterparts in terms of education and profession — or as most feel but are unprepared to utter aloud: class. Naturally people would assume that they will be coupled with a match of comparable standing, however this is a lot trickier that you might think…. To begin with, men leave school earlier and women are more qualified.

The census shows that 28 per cent of women were third level graduates, compared with only 23 per cent of men. The fact that women stay longer in education and do better feeds through to occupations with nearly a quarter of women Nearly a quarter of men So for every 1 professional man there are 1.

You can see where this is going…. This leads to multiple sobering conversations daily with disappointed men who were looking forward to introductions with women young enough to be their daughter. There is also the thorny fact that divorced men often seem to pair off and marry single women quite quickly.

Woman sought refund from dating agency after matches offered were outside Dublin

In the census there were 88, separated or divorced men, but there were , women. So there are c. We are asked often by new clients if we have a good success rate and yes, thankfully, we do. But we are quite honest in sharing what kind of client the service works for and why. We find that people that come to us with a positive attitude get results.

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This may seem like a woolly vagary but — at the risk of sounding patronising — we do find that those that can be pleased, will be. Excepting those small things, they keep an open mind and accept that nobody is perfect. They want to see the positives in their potential matches and make the effort on their dates to find a common ground, rather than digging around for reasons as to why this person is certainly not good enough for them. Those that stand on pedestals that reach dizzying heights because of their achievements in life create an aura of superiority that the most well-rounded PhDs would find nauseating.

These people will not be pleased.

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Ireland has changed. In order for girl to meet boy and for both to be content, the value systems we hold dear need to be changed.

Rather than relying on a partner to complement our acquired status in society, we should embrace what is different about them. E ngaged couple Feargal Harrington and Rena Maycock set up their dating agency two years ago, and they arrange dates a week for their members - who range in ages from 22 to 80 years of age.

The couple decided they wanted to become the "wing man" or the matchmaker for people who have struggled to find that one special person. The agency has a strict sign-up policy where they only sign up members who are serious about looking for a relationship. And then we do the exact same thing with the other person. Then we do a follow-up call the next day, and we ask if they plan to go "on pause" because they've felt a bond. The agency's "most heavily populated" age group is the group between 33 to 40 years.

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A major focus for both genders in this age group is they want to start a family. Men at ages 39, 40, 41 are now deciding they want to have kids. That can be a bit of a problem if their tunnel vision is to find a man People have to have an open mind. The number one pet peeve for women on the dating scene is when men are stingy or tight, according to Feargal. While the main pet peeve for men is when the women they're dating are loud, domineering or brash.