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The east coast of Ireland has no major inlets until Wexford Harbour at the mouth of the River Slaney.

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North of these is the Shannon Estuary. Killala Bay is on the northeast coast of Mayo. Malin Head is the most northerly point in Ireland, [28] while Mizen Head is one of the most southern points , hence the term "from Malin to Mizen" or the reverse is used for anything applying to the island of Ireland as a whole. Carnsore Point is another extreme point of Ireland , being the southeasternmost point of Ireland. Hook Head and the Old Head of Kinsale are two of many headlands along the south coast.

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Loop Head is the headland at which County Clare comes to a point on the west coast of Ireland, with the Atlantic on the north, and the Shannon estuary to the south. Erris Head is the northwesternmost point of Connacht. Apart from Ireland itself, Achill Island to its northwest is now considered the largest island in the group. The island is inhabited, and is connected to the mainland by a bridge.

Valentia Island off the Iveragh peninsula is also one of Ireland's larger islands, and is relatively settled, as well as being connected by a bridge at its southeastern end. Omey Island , off the coast of Connemara is a tidal island. Some of the best-known peninsulas in Ireland are in County Kerry; the Dingle peninsula , the Iveragh peninsula and the Beara peninsula. The Ards peninsula is one of the larger peninsulas outside Kerry. Ireland's most northerly land feature is Inishtrahull island, off Malin Head.

The most southerly point is the Fastnet Rock. The climate of Ireland is mild, moist and changeable with abundant rainfall and a lack of temperature extremes.

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It is considerably warmer than other areas at the same latitude on the other side of the Atlantic, such as in Newfoundland , because it lies downwind of the Atlantic Ocean. It is also warmer than maritime climates near the same latitude, such as the Pacific Northwest as a result of heat released by the Atlantic overturning circulation that includes the North Atlantic Current and Gulf Stream. The influence of the North Atlantic Current also ensures the coastline of Ireland remains ice-free throughout the winter. The prevailing wind comes from the southwest, breaking on the high mountains of the west coast.

The sunniest months are May and June, with an average of five to seven hours sunshine per day. Though extreme weather events in Ireland are comparatively rare when compared with other countries in the European Continent, they do occur. The table shows mean climate figures for the Dublin Airport weather station over a thirty-year period. Climate statistics based on the counties of Northern Ireland vary slightly but are not significantly different. Ireland is divided into four provinces , Connacht , Leinster , Munster and Ulster , and 32 counties.

The map shows the county boundaries for all 32 counties. From an administrative viewpoint, 21 of the counties in the Republic are units of local government. The other six have more than one local council area, resulting in a total of 31 county-level authorities. County Tipperary had two ridings , North Tipperary and South Tipperary , originally established in , renamed in [47] and amalgamated in The cities of Limerick and Waterford were merged with their respective county councils in to form new city and county councils.

Electoral areas in Ireland the state are called constituencies in accordance with Irish law , mostly follow county boundaries. Maintaining links to the county system is a mandatory consideration in the re-organisation of constituency boundaries by a Constituency Commission. In Northern Ireland, a major re-organisation of local government in replaced the six traditional counties and two county boroughs Belfast and Derry by 26 single-tier districts , [50] which, apart from Fermanagh cross the traditional county boundaries.

The six counties and two county-boroughs remain in use for purposes such as Lieutenancy. In November , proposals were announced which would see the number of local authorities reduced to seven. Blanket bogs are the more widespread of the two types. They are essentially a product of human activity aided by the moist Irish climate. Blanket bogs formed on sites where Neolithic farmers cleared trees for farming. As the land so cleared fell into disuse, the soil began to leach and become more acidic, producing a suitable environment for the growth of heather and rushes.

The debris from these plants accumulated and a layer of peat formed. One of the largest expanses of Atlantic blanket bog in Ireland is to be found in County Mayo. Raised bogs are most common in the Shannon basin. They formed when depressions left behind after the last ice age filled with water to form lakes. Debris from reeds in these lakes formed a layer at the bottom of the water to form fens.

Dead plant matter, preserved by the water, eventually filled the lake, covering this alkaline base. This led to the growth of plants that could survive in a wet low-nutrient acidic medium, The plants kept growing and dying, increasingly well preserved by the acidic conditions and they piled up raising the surface of the bog above the surrounding land, forming raised bogs.

Since the 17th century, peat has been cut for fuel for domestic heating and cooking, and it is called turf when so used. The process accelerated as commercial exploitation of bogs grew. In the s, machines for cutting turf were introduced and larger-scale harvesting became possible. In addition to domestic uses, commercially extracted turf is used in a number of industries, producing peat briquettes for domestic fuel and milled peat for electricity generation.

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In recent years, the destruction of bogs has raised environmental concerns. The issue is particularly acute for raised bogs which were more widely mined as they yield a higher-grade fuel than blanket bogs. Plans are now in place in both the Republic and Northern Ireland to conserve most of the remaining raised bogs on the island.

Ireland has major marine resources, with a significant fishing industry in the Atlantic Ocean. Offshore exploration for natural gas began in Gas from these fields is pumped ashore and used for both domestic and industrial purposes.

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Other mineral deposits with actual or potential commercial value include gold, silver, gypsum , talc , calcite , dolomite , roofing slate , limestone aggregate, building stone , sand and gravel. In May the Department of Communications, Marine and Natural Resources now replaced by the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources reported that there may be volumes over billion barrels 2.

The minimum confirmed amount of oil in the Irish Atlantic waters is 10 billion barrels 1.

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There are also areas of petroleum and natural gas on shore, for example the Lough Allen basin, with 9. Already some fields are being exploited, such as the Spanish Point field, with 1. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Geography of the island of Ireland, northwestern Europe.

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Main article: Geology of Ireland. See also: List of mountains in Ireland. See also: List of rivers in Ireland and List of loughs in Ireland. Main article: Climate of Ireland. Further information: Counties of Ireland. Main article: Natural resources of Ireland. Ireland portal. Heritage Council. Each year Sligo hosts a rally that sees fast specially built cars fly at high speed through the Sligo roads! Hawks Well Theatre is only small, but that is a really good thing because it gives it a great intimate feel. Pick a day with good weather and follow the nature trail to walk along lough gill.

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