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The suite uses the most modern technology from GE, the global leader in this field. I first went down to The Ultrasound Suite in when I needed to do the follicular tracking scan which I used […]. I went to The Ultrasound Suite for 2 scans and had the most amazing reception by Deborah. I have been with my boyfriend for a year. Last summer we were in a long-distance relationship as I spent three months in the US. Since September we have lived separately in Dublin, but enjoyed the proximity.

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When lockdown was announced, we had two options: move in together or go long distance once again. I live in a house-share, and it was not possible to move in with him. So, we decided to remain separate. We keep in touch regularly with voice and video calls.

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Our relationship is as strong as ever. Missing each other has only confounded how committed we are. I wish there were more specific guidelines given for couples. On May 18th, when restrictions began to be eased, our only option was to meet outdoors, 2m apart, within 5km of our houses.

According to a site displaying 5km radii, our area of intersection was Dublin Port. Having seen my mother at a distance, I found it difficult to stand 2m apart and not give her a hug. Seeing Rob like that would have been a similar torture. For now, our separation continues. My Spanish lady and I moved in together in September.

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We moved to Bray to accommodate her work as a vet in Wicklow while I commute to Dublin and the rest of the country performing stand-up comedy. First the bars closed. We thought we were okay, she still had her job, but that only lasted two more weeks. For now. That all sounds dreadful, but we are actually having a great time together. We just made pretentious vegan brownies. Neither of us are vegan, but we are bored.

We have been jogging and working out; we have become YouTube yoga masters. Why would I get up at 8. I am from Philadelphia, but we met at university in Washington DC. He works from home anyway as a graphic designer. We go to Rathfarnham Castle Park every morning and I do six laps of the pond. He feeds the ducks. When we run out of things to talk about together, we can always ring up someone else. The most romantic moment of quarantine yet? My love life has taken a bizarre turn.

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Prior to lockdown I had just ended a relationship, as had one of my best friends. When lockdown began, we both found ourselves without significant others and isolating with our families. We turned to each other virtually of course to jokingly despair. Eight weeks later, after countless quizzes, message exchanges and calls, I am beginning to see him as more than a friend. I think he might feel the same.

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I am filled with a nervous excitement; will this prevail in real life once the restrictions lift? Whether love in its true and ultimate sense will be the outcome, I will always be grateful for the bizarre love I have found in this time. Before lockdown I made the decision with my partner of six years to end our relationship.

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One of the reasons was that I am a confirmed extrovert. I need regular social contact with friends to feel energised and happy. He is happy with a small intimate circle, and to spend much of his time alone. It had been a source of friction so we parted ways. He was looking forward to pursuing personal goals he used to feel guilty for leaving me behind to do. I was relishing the idea of being a social butterfly, spending time with friends and seeing new people. Two weeks later, the world shut down, and I found myself living alone in a small apartment. No contact with friends or family, no social engagements, and certainly no new partners.

Then it started to become clear this is going to last a lot longer. Months, perhaps years. It takes huge mental strength to not lose all hope when you spend hours upon hours in the company of no one but yourself.

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I began to resent people complaining about their kids being home, or their partner bickering while they both try and work. No one mentions the millions of us around the globe who live alone, whose household is me, myself and I. I try to remain positive.