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We hope you like it To our thousands of current members, please rest assured that our team of consultants continue to work on matching your profiles and we really look forward to being able to arrange your dates when things get back to normal.

IE 01 Learn about our five steps, five dates process. Everything, has been designed to provide the best opportunity to find your best match. We also provide content to print media. For many people, making that first phone call or sending that first email enquiry can be daunting. Rest assured, we are here to make it easier for you at every step of your matchmaking journey. My job is so rewarding-I get to meet new people, have great conversations and then get to work finding perfect matches. We have so many lovely clients and I consider it a real privilege that they have entrusted us with finding them their special someone.

I specially love when our clients walk down the aisle! Rena Maycock. We meet so many people who simply have not been in the right place at the right time.

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They really want to have a meaningful relationship and they want to see the good in people. Lisa Woods. And we literally have someone for everyone because we have thousands of members. When the couple hit it off and go on pause-they sound so excited!

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Feargal chats with Radio Kerry in his monthly dating slot, and what a month it has been. Dating and relationships are tricky to manage during the Covid 19 outbreak.

Dating Single Girls in Athy (Ireland)

Feargal chats with Radio Kerry in the dating slot and discusses matters concerning love, dating and the search for a romantic partner during this unusual time of Coronavirus. Does politics play a part in matchmaking? Lovelorn singletons asked INTRO matchmaking agency to ask potential matches how they feel about a grand coalition. According to Irish tradition Feb 29 is the day that a woman can propose to a man. Is it a good idea? Feargal from Intro. Astonishingly, Ireland has been ranked 14 country in the world for dating.

Are we not as friendly or approachable as we like to think we are? Is dating more difficult when you happen to live in the countryside? Feargal walks through how it all works and covers multiple dating topics. Are you self-partnered? Ever heard about Sugar Babies who look for hand outs from much older men in exchange for gifts and maybe more? Could Tinder dating be knocking your confidence and doing more harm than good? Feargal chats with Jennifer Zamparelli on 2FM about the art of dating and why guys are struggling to flirt comfortably in the metoo era.

How have dating apps and online dating sites affected matchmaking services and what part, if any, does religion play in modern dating matchmaking? Find out why here…. Feargal Harrington, Director of Intro Matchmaking, joins Fran for a chat about being realistic with dates and how alcohol is impacting the dating scene. Breaking up is hard to do, so the song goes. Rena and Feargal discuss dating in Ireland and setting up arealkeeper. Here we discuss loneliness in Ireland with the Irish Examiner. Now considered to be an epidemic by some experts, we ask why and what can we do about it.

Rena Maycock of Intro Matchmaking joins Dave Fanning with her guide to the five phases of breaking up. Listen to the Audio here. If you do, this article might just be helpful. Rena discusses the pros and cons of rekindling a former relationship on the John Murray show. Listen to the audio excerpt from the live show below by clicking below. Do Irish men and women really have multiple partners? Feargal talks about the perils of online dating — Click the image to hear the interview 1hr 3mins 30seconds — 1hr 11mins.

Looking to meet a Prince Charming sets unreal standards for men, and can leave women unhappy, says Deirdre Reynolds. Lots of helpful tips and advice.

Johnny Marr in Athy, Co Kildare,Ireland. 2 November 2018.

What are people looking for in the dating scene? Dating tips and advice abound whenever Rena is on Midday and this is no exception. Watch it by clicking below! Discussing how we help single people find their perfect match every day and how we can help you find love too. The dating rules are different these days and it might just be that your expectations are a little out of date? Read on for more!

Old-fashioned matchmaking in Ireland has made a comeback, but are your expectations preventing it from working for you? The growth of dating sites and Matchmaking services in Ireland continues to depend on one thing — successful matches. Raised on fairytales in which tall, dashing princes gallop to the aid of maidens in distress, women assume the perfect date must tower above them, but how important is height?

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Are the new rules of dating leaving everyone unhappy? To our thousands of current members, please rest assured that our team of consultants continue to work on matching your profiles and we really look forward to being able to arrange your dates when things get back to normal. IE 01 In The Media. Sunshine