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She writes, speaks and advises nationwide on all aspects of health, nutrition and wellbeing. Check www. NewsFour went in search of news concerning Bloomsday around Sandymount Green and environs. The answer was a surprise. The Joyce Centre is planning to collaborate with 25 other groups around the world.

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Breakfast, on the morning of Friday June 14th. He felt it was a particularly successful event compared to events in nearby districts such as Donnybrook which were enjoyed by those who were present but were said to be underattended. Mr Devitt indicated that the Sandymount Bloomsday event had undergone a rebirth in recent years, spearheaded by the efforts. Joe and Valerie are once again co-ordinating plans for the celebration. The 16th this year falls on a Sunday.

But that seems to be against the spirit of the thing for me. The fact is, the day falls on a Sunday, so do it all on the Sunday. The building is still there. The black lighthouse with steps down to the river was there at the very end of the wall facing the T. B home on the Southside. Yes the question mark is deliberate, just look at the state of the Hailing Station area now. But, my story is about the Terns who came back every year to spend the Summer at Eastern Breakwater. The Terns are an aggressive bird.

To get to Eastern Breakwater you walked there on a three-foot wall at the riverside or on bike between the stacks of coal that were stored by the government in case of emergency. In the sand between the coal, the terns built their homes to hatch the eggs and to rear their chicks.

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The nest was simply a hollow in the sand. When the eggs were in the nest, the dives would be more vigorous, some work mates would walk that half mile to work carrying their bikes over their heads to protect themselves from attack. As a nipper for the work gang at Ben Ghazi, I would often have to cycle up to East Wall to a shop to get messages for the men; things like cigarettes, cheese, maybe a man had forgotten his lunch and an odd bet in the bookies. As I said earlier, Eastern.

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We had gone on similar bus tours of Edinburgh, Barcelona and Budapest and found them a great way of getting to know a city. Even as a local, it was brilliant craic exploring the history and culture of Dublin. The buses come every 10 to 15 minutes and the tour usually lasts around 1hr 30mins, if you just stay on the bus. It can take a bit longer if you are hopping on and off at different destinations. Two Day Tickets. Breakwater, was the last piece of land at that time and accidents were dealt with there and then. My memory of a more serious one was of a man who had an accident to his foot — with no transport and him not able to walk, he was put into a wheelbarrow and wheeled to the nearest point to be taken to Jervis Street Hospital.

As a boy labourer, when you.


They run daily from 9am to 6. We set off from Cathal Brugha Street. In , I was working on the building of the ocean pier and still ducking the Terns as if it was still Summer time. The Ocean Pier is reclaimed land and Mr. MacManus, our foreman, put me in with the bar benders who did reinforcing of concrete and buildings. As I was the youngest and able to swim, I was selected to go. After St. This was followed by a great tour of St. We got off for some light refreshments at the Guinness Storehouse, St.

There was no health and safety then and the Terns were playing games with me. One very interesting event while on Ocean Pier was the arrival of a Russian timber boat which was to be unloaded. It caused a lot of interest all over Ireland at the time and people were divided as to whether it should have been allowed into Ireland or not.

While being unloaded, which took, I think, three days, at the end of the gangway on the ship a sailor always stood guard. We thought this was to stop unauthorised persons from going on board. No such thing. It was to stop crew members jumping ship and seeking asylum. In the off season, they ran a seven-a-side competition for the Mallagh Cup.

This was interdepartment and as you can see from the photograph there was a shortage of jerseys. So the good news is that the Terns are still around and should be arriving to our shores soon.

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McLoughlin who became a great Irish athlete over the one mile,? Front row:? A great day out, especially if the sun shines. The spark for the riots which took place in Ringsend. By the time the Dublin Lock-Out took place in , workers downing tools in protest had become a growing global phenomenon. With the United States experiencing industrial growth on an unprecedented scale, it became the site of several of the bloodiest disputes of the early twentieth century.

In May , tram workers in St. Louis went on strike, attacking their temporary replacements. The police swore in 2, civilians and armed them, in order to guard the streetcars. Gunfights broke out along the tram-lines. By the end of the dispute in September, 14 people had been killed and over wounded. Two years later, in the coal-fields of Pennsylvania, the United Mine Workers of America downed tools, demanding their union receive official recognition. Anti-semitism was rife during this period, often translating to lower wages and poor conditions.

It was the first female uprising in the U. S to yield positive results. Slovak immigrants who went on.

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A private police force, known as the Coal and Iron Police, were drafted in to guard the strikebreakers working in the mines. In July of , 14 months after the strike had commenced, the miners went back to work, defeated by the prospect of spending another winter living inside ramshackle tents. Today, most adults would baulk at the prospect of a hour week, but this was the reality for the workforce of the Lawrence, Massachusetts textile mills of The heavy-handed tactics of the police, which caused one striking woman to suffer a miscarriage, made news around the world.

Workers as far away as France and Sweden refused to load U. S-bound ships, in support of the Lawrence workers, the first strike to receive global attention. Spurred on by the widespread sympathy the Lawrence strikers had received, Unions around the world became more confident and the following years saw workers take action in cities like Brisbane, Wellington, and, of course, Dublin. One hundred years ago, Britain and Ireland were going through huge changes. Police were sent from London and Lancashire to deal with the social unrest and finally Winston Churchill sent in the British Army to stop the rioting.

The following year, there was a National Coal Strike in England, with thousands demanding a clear pay structure for their work and again the army were called in. While the National Coal strike was going on, The Suffragettes, above right, were breaking windows in the West End of London and demanding the vote for women. In April just as the strike was ending, the Titanic sank and sent shockwaves all over Britain and Ireland.

There was a feeling that times were changing, social class was beginning to crumble and people felt they were on the crest of a wave — they could make change happen. In Dublin, we had the worst living conditions in Western Europe, with TB rampant and child death all too common — life was extremely hard. The foreman picked those he favoured or the strongest and his choice could determine if your family ate that day.

There were more slums in Dublin in than in Calcutta; families were living in one-room tenements, with one tap and one toilet in the yard for up to 80 people. Two men were hit on the head with batons and later died from fractured skulls. Throughout the Lock-Out, food parcels for children arrived from the trade union TUC in England and without their aid food and financial the strikers would not have been able to survive. Throughout the Lock-Out, the Catholic Church supported the employers, as they feared Larkin and his popular socialism.

The result was a massive riot between 6, spectators and tramway men. It is unsure why the tramway men had gathered outside the grounds on that particular day to picket, but many believe they were under instruction from Larkin to do so. A number of trams carrying supporters to the match were attacked.

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In the weeks before the. The Lock-Out had been ongoing for weeks with no end in sight. The vitriol of these disputes may have created intensity at the football game. It might be hard to imagine in the present era that school children might organise a union-style strike.