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South Korea. United Kingdom. United States of America. In stock Show only products in stock. On Sale Show only products on sale. Price From. The Special Handling Code field is a text field, not a date field. You must enter the effective date in this format, regardless of the date preferences:. Each currency has an effective date, which enables you to enter existing EMU currencies now and, at a later time, add other currencies that join the EMU.

For countries that require regional information, use the State field in the address book record to specify the region. Set up state and province codes to identify the region of origin for shipments or the region of destination for purchases. The system searches for address book records based on the address number in the Inventory Constants table.

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If no address number is specified, the system uses the address number that is specified in the Business Unit Master table. You can set up default conditions of transport by using the Supplier Master program P Enter the condition of transport in the Freight Handling Code field.

When you enter purchase orders, this information appears in the purchase order header fields. The first eight code values are predefined for EU trade reporting. To assign a default mode of transport to a supplier, complete the Freight Handling Code field on the Supplier Master Revision form of the Supplier Master program. Setting up a supplier in this way causes freight handling and mode of transport information to appear in purchase order header fields. Use the Intrastat Commodity Code form to set up commodity values and supplemental units of measure for commodity codes.

You can designate any one of the five purchasing reporting codes to specify the nature of transaction for individual items. You must indicate the reporting code that you are using for nature of transaction in the processing options for the Intrastats Tax Update - Purchasing program RI2.

The reporting code that you specify in these processing options should correspond to the reporting code that you use to identify the nature of transaction for the item in the Item Master program P When you update the Intrastat Revision table, you use a processing option to specify the UDC that you want the system to use to find the applicable information.

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Use these codes to identify the type of import and export rules to which an item is subject. The import and export rules depend on the way that a product is moved; whether it is for sales, purchases, or leases; or other reasons. You can also create a UDC table to store nature of transaction codes. You can designate any one of the five sales reporting codes to specify the nature of transaction for individual items.

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You must indicate the reporting code that you are using for nature of transaction in the processing options for the Intrastat - Tax Update - Sales program RI1. When you update the Intrastat Revision table FT , you use a processing option to specify the UDC that you want the system to use to find the applicable information. You use freight handling codes to identify various freight information.

To comply with EU requirements, modify the freight handling codes to include the codes that you set up for the Condition of Transport, Condition of Transport extension, and Mode of Transport tables. For this action, enter the codes for the conditions of transport, conditions of transport extension, and modes of transport in the second description field for the table. The Description 02 field accepts up to 15 characters. When you modify freight handling codes, use the first three characters in the field to specify the conditions of transport.

Use the fourth character to indicate the COTX extension the code for the place indicated in the contract of transport. The COTX extension is required only in certain countries. Enter the code for mode of transport as the fifth character of the second description.

Only transactions between EU members are included in the Intrastat Revision table. This table shows examples of Intrastat declaration type codes:.

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You specify the character that the system uses to populate the Intrastat declaration in the special handling code for each value. This special handling code is also used to determine the VAT registration number for sales transactions. For statistical declarations, the system uses the ship to address number. For fiscal or complete declarations, the system uses the sold to address number.

Concatenate these values in sequence without any separators, such as commas or spaces: Company Number, Order Document Type, and Line Type. When you update the Intrastat Revision table, you use a processing option to specify the UDC table that you want the system to use to find the applicable information.

Set up codes that you use when you assign special goods and movements. You assign the code for special goods and movements when you use the Commodity Codes program P to enter information for Intrastat reporting. You obtain these codes from the government. If you use the Single European Market Declaration SEMDEC interface for Intrastat submissions, set up a UDC for each document type that is used in Intrastat transactions to indicate whether the document type corresponds to the arrival purchase or dispatch sale of goods. The Description 01 field must contain either Arrival or Dispatch.

You must list the address book records of all companies with which the reporting company is affiliated. Set up code numbers to indicate the type of service industry. For example, you might set up these values:. The Produce Bank File UDC table includes the print programs that the automatic payment process uses to process payments. You must add the value P to this UDC table. P is the code that the system uses for the print program for SEPA payments. The value for this element is the supplier's invoice number.

It then replaces those characters with the alternative characters that you specify in the Description 02 field.

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Thus, the system deletes the unacceptable characters from the XML file and replaces them with acceptable characters. Blank is a valid value for the Description 02 field. If you enter a value in the Description 01 field and leave the Description 02 field blank, the system replaces the Description 01 value with a "blank" value in each character string that includes the Description 01 value. Examples of values are:. You use these values to specify whether the mandate will have a unique collection one-off type or several collections recurrent and whether it is the first recurrent collection First or the last recurrent collection Final.

Values are:. You can set up values to identify different business lines or different services in this UDC table. This value is informational and is not needed to identify a mandate in a unique way. You can change it over time for business reasons. You use these values to specify the category that defines the purpose of the transaction.

The system prints this value on the XML file. You use these values to specify the purpose of the transaction.

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The number that you specify in the processing option fetches the associated additional address book number of the creditor from the F table. When you run the Text File Processor program P when working with Intrastat reports, the program assigns the batch number and interchange from line 7 of Next Numbers System You must set up these numbering systems. This section provides an overview of tax rate areas for intracommunity VAT and discusses how to:. For example, if the first tax rate is 10 percent, the second tax rate would be —10 percent. The two tax rates net to zero.

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For each type of tax rate code, you can set up specific GL offsets. When you add additional information, you define which transactions must be included in a separate register for certain, or special, intracommunity operations. The record comes as Dr. Anthony S. Tuesday was the fourth time in a week that the United States posted a new single-day case record. The number of new cases in the United States has shot up by 80 percent in the past two weeks, according to a New York Times database.

More than 4, new cases of the virus were announced in Arizona, by far its most in a single day, as Vice President Mike Pence planned to travel there on Wednesday. More than 7, new cases were announced across California and more than 6, in Texas. The increase in infections came as the leaders of the most populous counties in Texas pleaded with Gov. Greg Abbott to allow them to issue stay-at-home orders. I made that point very clearly last week at a press conference. We are now having plus thousand new cases a day.

I would not be surprised if we go up to , a day if this does not turn around. And so I am very concerned. In the United States, daily cases are increasing after an extended decline. The number of jurisdictions in upward trajectory has continued to increase. Now 29 of 55 jurisdictions fall into this category. The evidence tells us that these cases are driven by many factors to include: increased testing, community transmission and outbreaks in the settings such as nursing homes and occupational settings.

Hospitalizations now are going up in 12 states. While data is the backbone of this response, containing the outbreak depends on four core interventions: readily available testing, comprehensive contact tracing, timely isolation of known cases and quarantine to break the transmission. We are not defenseless against this disease. We have powerful tools at our disposal. And even states that had reported improvements are starting to see the number of new cases rise, causing governors to rethink their plans to get residents back to work.