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The US has now recorded more than 10 million cases and , deaths from coronavirus, the highest figures in the world. For almost a week over , new cases have been confirmed each day, as infections continue to rise across the country. The growth in infections slowed in August, but has been rising since September, driven by renewed outbreaks in the north of the country.

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President-elect Joe Biden has appealed to Americans to wear a mask as the best way to "turn this pandemic around". Mr Biden has named a person Covid task force and has vowed to "follow the science" in dealing with the disease. The outbreak has had a devastating impact on the US economy, although there are now some signs it is recovering. Nearly eight million Americans, many of them children and minorities, have fallen into poverty since May, according to researchers.

Spain, France and the UK have all recorded more than one million cases, and several others are seeing their highest number of new infections since the start of the pandemic. Lockdowns and other restrictions have been reintroduced in some of the worst-affected regions, in an effort to control the latest surge in cases. The pattern of rising infections following the loosening of spring lockdown restrictions is not limited to Europe, though.

Israel imposed a new national lockdown after recording record numbers of daily cases in late September. Towards the end of October, it began lifting restrictions again but has delayed reopening many businesses. In Latin America, Brazil has more than 5. Argentina and Colombia are two of only nine countries to record more than one million cases. Mexico is also fast approaching a million cases, but has a much higher death toll, with 95, dead.

The Czech Republic is now one of the hardest-hit countries in Europe, with a high number of cases relative to the size of its population. Iran, which has struggled to control the virus since its initial outbreak in February, is now also seeing a dramatic rise in daily cases. India has driven the increase in numbers in Asia, with more than 8.

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The country has, however, maintained a relatively low death rate, given the size of its population. Africa has recorded about 1. South Africa, with more than , cases and nearly 20, deaths, is still the worst affected country on the continent. Morocco and Egypt are the only other African countries to officially record more than , cases, although Ethiopia is also fast approaching the same threshold. The virus, which causes the respiratory infection Covid, was first detected in the city of Wuhan, China, in late The outbreak spread quickly across the globe in the first months of and declared a global pandemic by the WHO on 11 March.

A pandemic is when an infectious disease is passing easily from person to person in many parts of the world at the same time. Governments across the world have been forced to limit public movement and close businesses and venues in a bid to slow the spread of the virus. This has had a devastating impact on the global economy. Damage to the world's major economies is four times worse than the global financial crisis, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development OECD.

Meanwhile, the United Nations has said that up to million people could face starvation by the end of the year because of the impact of Covid The data used on this page comes from a variety of sources. It includes figures collated by Johns Hopkins University, data from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, national governments and health agencies, as well as UN data on populations. When comparing figures from different countries it is important to bear in mind that not all governments are recording coronavirus cases and deaths in the same way.

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This makes like for like comparisons between countries difficult. Other factors to consider include: different population sizes, the size of a country's elderly population or whether a particular country has a large amount of its people living in densely-populated areas. In addition, countries may be in different stages of the pandemic. Covid symptoms: What are they and how do I protect myself?

Lockdown: Will the vaccine be compulsory? And other questions.

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Covid pandemic: Tracking the global coronavirus outbreak. Coronavirus: What are the rules for face masks or face coverings? Group 4 Please upgrade your browser to see the full interactive. Circles show number of confirmed coronavirus cases per country. Show more. Where are cases and deaths rising? The most recent figures show there were more than half-a-million cases reported in 24 hours. Europe and North America are currently seeing the steepest rise in new cases. US has most cases and highest death toll.

Lockdowns return to Europe as cases rise again. Cases and hospital admissions are now rising fast again in many European countries.

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Lockdowns return as Europe confronts second wave. Same pattern outside Europe. Other countries that have seen a resurgence of the virus include Canada and Russia. Daily cases are increasing worldwide. How did coronavirus spread?

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