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However, you need to be very careful to not Touch Off or On out of habit between changing trams. You also may not get the best value fare for your overall journey.

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You also must complete this journey within mins. If you Touch On before the 1st tram and do not Touch Off, you have a ticket valid for travel on both Luas lines for mins. After mins, the system automatically Touches Off your Leap Card. You will automatically be charged the maximum Zones Leap Card fare; peak or off peak depending on the time of the day. Text LUAS to to report incidents of anti-social behaviour. The Red Line is 20kms in length and has 32 Stops.

The Green Line is What are peak times and off peak times? Peak and Off Peak times refer to service frequency. Peak times correspond to: Monday to Friday: morning 7amam and evening 4pm to 7pm Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays: How can I purchase a single or return ticket? What do I do when issued a refund ticket?

Will my travel pass cover my fare for travelling on the Luas? Where do I find out information on Standard Fares? Can I take a bicycle on board the tram?

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Where are the cycle parking facilities? Are animals allowed on Luas? Where can I cross the track? What do I do if I need assistance on board the tram or at the Stop? Use the Emergency Help Point Button- On board every tram there is an emergency passenger communication device, located on a doorpost to the right side of every pair of doors. Pressing the button on this device enables a passenger to speak directly with the driver. USe the Emergency Brake Lever - There is an emergency brake lever located at every door which will cause the tram to Stop in the event on an emergency.

False activation of the emergency brake will result in a fine. Press the large Red button once and this will connect you to the control room, where you can speak with someone to request assistance. Include the tram no. See luas. Please note there is CCTV on board the tram and at the stop. How do I transfer between lines? How long will it take to get from Broombridge to The Point? How will Luas Lines operate? What are the approximate journey times?

What are the key interchanges with regional and local train stations? Luas interchanges with regional and local train stations are highlighted at stops. Are there interchanges with Irish Rail at Luas stops? Where do regional bus services connect with Luas? Luas interchanges with regional bus services at the following locations. Information on the Ticket Vending Machines?

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Postal address: This is the address that is created and assigned by An Post and is what they recommend for the purpose of mail delivery. Postal addresses may include a post town or county that is not part of the geographic address as it is based on the route mail travels to arrive at the location. Both of these addresses are provided to us by An Post GeoDirectory and we cannot amend or change these addresses unless instructed to do so by them.

We recommend that you carry on using the address you normally use and simply add the Eircode to the end. The business names shown are based on information received from An Post GeoDirectory. As they update their information and it is passed to us, the changes will be reflected on the Eircode database. If you are happy that the address for the premises is correct, simply use the Eircode shown for all your business needs, such as stationary or displaying it on your own website. An organisation is insisting on an Eircode — I thought using Eircode was not mandatory? No government department is making Eircode mandatory, although they may ask you for an Eircode, you are not obligated to provide it.

For private organisations, it is up to each organisation to determine how they want to use Eircode — we have no say over how they conduct business. I tried to include an Eircode on an e-commerce website and it didn't recognise it? Many retailers and organisations are busy updating their systems to recognise and accept an Eircode. Overtime, you will see more organisations requesting an Eircode and accepting it. How do I get an Eircode for a new address? Is there an Eircode App?

How will it be faster? If an address and Eircode is given to the call taker, the systems in place will identify the exact location on a map without any need for further information to be given.

In these instances, call takers have had to ask callers to give detailed directions from the nearest town or village which takes up valuable time and can be very distressing for a caller who is in an emergency situation. Using the Eircode removes the requirement to ask for directions as the geo co-ordinates in the Eircode database provide all the information needed to direct an ambulance to an exact location. How can I be sure that my that my Eircode is correct?

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It is important to provide the correct Eircode for your location. To ensure the Eircode you are using is correct you, or somone you know that has access to the internet, should check the location that it refers to on www. When you search for an Eircode you will be able to view the location associated with the Eircode on a map to confirm if it is correct. The map allows you to zoom in and out and view the location in satellite mode to assist in verifying the location. The National Ambulance Service will always take both the address and Eircode and they have systems available to allow validation of the correct location.

If there is any ambiguity between the address and the Eircode they will verify the location with the caller in the same way they have always done when taking emergency calls. How will an ambulance find me by using my Eircode? They have access to a full Eircode database which includes geo co-ordinates associated with each unique Eircode.

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There are two areas where Eircode is used to improve the time it takes to find locations when dispatching ambulances. The system is able to pinpoint the exact location using the Eircode and geographic co-ordinates, allowing the dispatcher to direct the Ambulance to the precise location quickly, and importantly without having to ask the caller for detailed directions. This can be particularly significant when identifying rural properties — Eircode enables the rapid identification of exact locations, something which has caused operational and geographical challenges prior to the use of Eircode.

ECAS currently answers all emergency calls made to and Their systems have been updated to enable the use of Eircodes and are also connected to the database with the geo co-ordinates. When ECAS verify the address and Eircode of an emergency with a caller, this information can then be passed automatically to the relevant Emergency Service. The advantage of having your Eircode to hand is faster identification of exact locations, and removing the need to explain directions to a property. Address information Eircode Finder Eircode for businesses Miscellaneous.

Eircode design. What does an Eircode look like? An Eircode is a seven character alpha-numeric code made up of two parts. The first part a Routing Key consists of three characters and defines a principal post town span of delivery. The second part a Unique Identifier is unique to an address and distinguishes one address from another. A typical Eircode might read A65 F4E2. To avoid confusion, we have not used the letter 'O' in Eircodes, however the number '0' zero may be included in the Eircode for your address.

How many characters are there in an Eircode? There are seven characters in an Eircode. Does any part of the Eircode spell a word? Certain characters have been eliminated to avoid visual and verbal confusion. Why is the Eircode design unique to each address? Having a unique Eircode for every address helps to solve two significant problems associated with addressing in Ireland.

The second is that the address for any given premise can have a number of different forms. Is the Eircode design future- proofed? In each Routing Key there is plenty of growth capacity which will more than account for the anticipated growth. Is the Eircode design incorporating county abbreviations?

The first letter of the Eircode will not be linked to a county or city, with the exception of Dublin where the Dublin districts codes have been in place for many years as the Eircode design is not based on county boundaries and is language neutral. Are the Dublin pre-fixes being retained? These have been in existence for many years and the public is very familiar with them. Is there an Eircode associated with PO Box numbers? No, Eircodes are not being allocated to PO Box numbers at this time. If anyone creates another postcode in the future what will happen to Eircode?

Eircode is the national postcode system being launched by the state which will be used and recognised by key public sector bodies and An Post. Can an Eircode be personalised?

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All addresses will be assigned an Eircode which is attached to the address rather than the individual and it cannot be changed or personalised. If you move house, you don't take the Eircode with you. Can I change the Eircode assigned to my address?