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Communicate and coordinate with internal departments Retail, marketing, accounts. Flying Tiger Copenhagen 3. A Flying Tiger employee is both enthusiastic and practical. They process deliveries, price and merchandise product on the shop floor, replenish regularly,…. Dunnes 3.

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Our Sales Assistants have excellent product knowledge, provide outstanding customer service, and above all else are passionate about retail. Penneys 4. As a retail assistant you are the core of our business and play a vital role in our success.

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We also offer great opportunities to develop your career with us…. Aldi 3. It's a really fast-paced environment, and everyone understands exactly what needs to happen to make their store a success — and gets on with doing it. Joyce's Supermarket Knocknacarra 1. To carry out your designated work efficiently and effectively throughout the store in accordance with the stores policies and procedures while providing….

You'll learn how the human body works. You will be responsible for the opening and closing of the store from time to time to assist with the smooth operation of…. Diesel Retail 4. Work as part of a team proactively supporting other team members to achieve the overall store objectives. The ideal candidate should be flexible and available….

NUI Galway 4. Please note that appointment to posts advertised will be dependent upon University approval, together with the terms of the Employment Control Framework for the…. Smyths Toys 3.

Connacht Tribune – Galway City Tribune:

Please note this is an entry level position and the salary will be reflective of this. The ideal candidate will possess the following:. This would include the following: General cleaning duties in any part of the production facility. The commercial and political situation of Galway bred wariness in its merchants, as shown in a provision of its new charter:.

Galway, because of its loyalty to the Crown, was used as an occasional administrative centre by the English authorities.

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The Lord Deputy Sir Richard Bingham , noted for his severity, is described in the Annals as having executed seventy men and women in Galway in January After the Irish Rebellion of , Galway was in a delicate position, caught, in effect between the Catholic rebels Confederates and its English garrison ensconced in Fort Hill just outside the city.

Eventually, Galway citizens, who were predominantly Catholic, went against their garrison and supported the confederate side in The fort was besieged with the aid of Confederate troops until it surrendered and its garrison was evacuated by sea. During the s, Galway was heavily fortified against an expected counter-attack by English forces, which eventually materialised when English Parliamentarian forces re-conquered Ireland in — Galway surrendered to Cromwellian forces in after a nine-month siege ; plague and expulsions of Catholic citizens followed.

The Cromwellian Act of Settlement caused major upheavals, as peoples from east of the Shannon were transplanted to Connacht and slipped back. After the demise of the English Commonwealth and the English Restoration in , and the further Act of Settlement and its Act of Explanation , the economy of Galway recovered somewhat.

It surrendered without a siege under the Articles of Galway of after the annihilation of the main Jacobite army at the nearby battle of Aughrim. Thereafter, the city became an economic backwater, and the capital of its old great families were spent overseas. It took about years for the city to regain its former status. After the 17th century wars, Galway, as a Catholic port city, was treated with great suspicion by the authorities.

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Legislation of the Popery Act stated that no new Catholics apart from seamen and day labourers could move there. On top of that, when fears arose of a French invasion of Ireland in and during the Jacobite rising of in Scotland , all Catholics were ordered to leave the city. The corporation, which ran Galway was also confined to Protestants. This is all the more surprising given that a census showed that of the town's 15, or so inhabitants, only were Protestants.

The persecution of Galway's old Catholic merchant elite meant that trade declined substantially, and the once busy harbour fell into disrepair. Local traders compensated to some degree for this by smuggling in goods like brandy through gaps in the town walls. On 1 November the Lisbon earthquake caused a two-metre tsunami to hit the city's coast, causing some serious damage to the " Spanish Arch " section of the city wall.

Galway's economy recovered somewhat from the late 18th as the Penal Laws were relaxed. However the city's rural hinterland suffered terribly in the Great Irish Famine on the s.

Unlike other urban centres in 19th century Ireland, which experienced an explosion in their populations, Galway's population actually declined such was the devastation wrought by the famine. The second half of the century saw some improvement in Galway's position however, as the railway lines reached the city in Another important development was the creation of a university in Galway in , then named " Queens University of Ireland ".

Galway city played a relatively minor role in the upheaval in Ireland from — In , during the Easter Rising , Liam Mellows mobilised the local Irish Volunteers in the area to attack the Royal Irish Constabulary barracks at Oranmore , just outside Galway, however they failed to take it and later surrendered in Athenry.

Their overwhelming force in the city meant that the local Irish Republican Army could do little against them. The only initiatives were taken by the University battalion of the IRA, who were reprimanded by the local IRA commander who was afraid they would provoke reprisals. This fear was not without justification, as the nearby town of Tuam was sacked on two occasions by the Black and Tans in July and September In November , a Galway city Catholic priest, Fr. Michael Griffin was abducted and shot by the British forces. His body was found in a bog in Barna. Galway businessmen launched a boycott against Northern Irish goods from December onwards in protest against the loyalist attacks on Catholic nationalists in Belfast , a protest that later spread throughout the country.

Before the outbreak of the Irish Civil War —23 , in March , Galway saw a tense stand off between Pro-Treaty and Anti-Treaty troops over who would occupy the military barracks at Renmore. After fighting broke out in July the city and its military barracks were occupied by troops of the Irish Free State 's National Army. Two Free State soldiers and one Anti-Treaty fighter were killed and more wounded before the National Army secured the area. The Republicans burned a number of public buildings in the centre of town before they abandoned Galway.

On August 16, , part of the city center was destroyed by fire. In more recent years, the resignation of Eamon Casey as Bishop of Galway in "scandalous circumstances" in came to be seen as pivotal in the Roman Catholic Church's loss of influence in Ireland. James Hardiman 's History of Galway is considered to the definitive history of Galway city and county from the earliest of times until the early 19th century.

The book is now out of copyright and is available online.