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This novel marks the debut of a deeply moral and probing writer — and a potentially great one. On a late August night a young man is kicked to death outside a Dublin nightclub. Celebration turns to devastation.

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The reverberations of that event, its genesis and aftermath, is the subject of this extraordinary story. The novel strips away the veneer of a generation of Celtic cubs, whose social and sexual mores are chronicled and dissected in this tract for our times. The victim, Conor Harris, his killers — three of them are charged with manslaughter — and the trial judge share common childhoods and schooling in the privileged echelons of south Dublin suburbia.

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The intertwining of these lives leaves their afflicted families in moral free fall as public exposure merges with private anguish and imploded futures. This stark, elliptical tale tells of catharsis and self-examination through the eyes of the narrator and Laura Haines, girlfriend, confidante and catalyst. Like all good fiction, it illuminates a society and transcends its age with the searchlight of a sympathetic imagination.

Bad Day In Blackrock is a significant debut by an intuitive writer. Lilliput Press — July 13, The material was ready-made for an excellent novel that could capture the zeitgeist of the Celtic Tiger and kudos to Kevin Power for pouncing on this opportunity.

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It could have been a tacky take that did nothing but rehash many of the sensational newspaper articles that came out at that time but thankfully the author avoided this pitfall and this novel did not disappoint. It is well-written, surprisingly sympathetic when it could have been a complete hatchet job, yet still driving the point home in the end about the moral hypocrisy of this social set.

Impressive from such a young writer and of potential interest universally — not just to Dubliners.

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  • These problems, though small, should be corrected and ironed out as they distract and detract from what is otherwise a gripping and well-written tale. When I immediately finished it I was admittedly a little disappointed because the story lacks any real resolution. The event was merely a product of the empty society which we seem to have become, one that cannot offer deeper explanantions for its actions.

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    It is a very studied, and fascinating study into the Dublin elite, into the rarefied world of rugby clubs, private schools, the old boys network, and the feeling of invincibility that young people from such backgrounds possess. The story concerns the death of one of their own, the university student Conor Harris, who is beaten to a pulp outside a Dublin nightclub one barmy August evening.

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    The shock it however, that it is three of his own friends who do the beating, or in this case, the kicking in the head. Power tells the story through the eyes of a narrator, who has observed the goings on of the group at a distance for some time, and who gradually pieces together in his mind the possible reasons and causes of this tragedy. Latest News.

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